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Hi, I made this Ambient sound a couple of years ago and find no further use for it, use if you want ;) ...More then Download

Original Sound Used:
Zombie Main Menu
Darker Spooky Vibe but prefer the first:
Zombie Main Menu Darker

703 days ago
- I just noticed PAY DAY 2 was free on steam, if anyone have it on their wish-list, let them know. (notice its "only" 5.000.000 copies)

Personally hate the 10 second date check but hopefully worth the 37 gb install lol :lol:
1152 days ago

Took some early stage pictures of what later will become an industrial complex of SataNs, SaNtas evil empire:


Looked horrible just a little while ago but Some results of what cuple of hours in radiant can do :) only have 2 custom textures still LOL need some christmasy stuff at some point. just wanted to detail a little section before i get into the specifics hehe


Might post story here if i ever finish the map that is

Cool Logo

Map Progress:

2123 days ago

Every single texture from insurgency by: Johndoe
Every single model from insurgency by: Johndoe
Every additional model imported by: Johndoe

Weapons Specialist & Import made by: ElTitoPricus

Scripting made by: RDV
Animations made by: RDV
Effects made by: RDV

Construction of Map/Layout/details/Radiant related stuff made by: RadimaX

Map Progress:

This preview images does not reflect the final look of the zombie map, lights and vision are definatly subject to change

Map size: 6000x6000 units
Total pure mapping days 65
Brushcount 7300+
Terraincount 1600+
Models/entities 5600+

Project started 2014 but paused it to finish Leviathan
2212 days ago


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