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[WaW] xSanchez78's Der Riese Mod v1.0.6 ( Final )

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Created 6 years ago
by alaurenc9
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My preferred name is "xSanchez78".
Check me out here:
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After working as much as possible for the past year, dealing with the shit going on in school and my life, I am finally glad to release

xSanchez78's Der Riese Mod

MOD NEEDS T4M TO PLAY:,8092.0.html



Some Images:
Spoiler: click to open...
Some Electrical Weapons:

Hell's Retriever/Redeemer:

Check Out The Hacker From Moon:

Check Out This Sweet Electric Pap Camo:

Weapons List:
World at War
Black Ops 1
- CZ75 Dual Wield
- Spas 12
- Famas
- HK21
- M72 Law
- Crossbow Explosive Tip
- Stakeout
- L96A1
Black Ops 2
- Executioner
- M1911
- Ballista
- M14
- B23R
- Five Seven Dual Wield
- PDW57
- AN94
- M1927
- MP5
- Galil
- M16
- Scorpion Evo
- Ray Gun
- DSR50
- Python
- Ray Gun Mark 2
- M27
- S12

- Black Ops 1/2/3 perks ( no Vulture Aid :( )
- Hacker
- Dive To Prone
- Black Ops 2 HUD
- A Main Easter Egg To Beat The Game
- Hell's Retriever/Redeemer
- Black Ops 1/2 Powerups
- A Second Pack-A-Punch That Makes Guns Shoot Electric Rounds
- Black Ops 2 Perma Perks ( Saves Over Games )

Easter Egg Steps:
Spoiler: click to open...
- Step 1: Link all teleporters
   - If you don't know how to do this....

- Step 2: Get Monkeys
   - Get monkeys from the mystery box

- Step 3: Get Hacker
   - The hacker is in one of the three teleporter rooms
   - It is on the table next to grenades in the MP5 room
   - It is on the shelf left to the AN94 in the AN94 room
   - It is on the animal cages to the right when entering PDW room
   - The hacker can only be picked up by one player, and can only be lost when spectating

- Step 4: Obtain The Retriever
   - After linking teleporters, throw one into the fire pit by the thompson
   - After samantha is done being pissed at you, hack the panel next to the mainframe
   - The retriever should spawn at the mainframe, free to pick up

- Step 5: Find The Secret Room
   - Shoot the flytrap panel ( everyone should know where this is ) with a pack-a-punched gun
   - Collect the three hidden items ( everyone should know where these are ) with the Hell's Retriever
   - Stand infront of each teleporter and press [USE] to place each hidden item
   - Once all three have been placed infront of each teleporter, all teleporters will activate 3 seconds later
   - Any player standing in one of the three teleporters will be teleported to the secret room for 30 seconds
   - The flytrap resets after the round you return to the mainframe, and the process can be repeated

- Step 6: Charge The Teleporters
   - To continue to this step, you must visit the secret room three times
   - Each teleporter must be charged to escape
   - To charge a teleporter, have all players stand inside the teleporter room
   - The player with the hacker must hack the teleporter for 10,000 points
   - This cannot be done if a player is not inside the room, between rounds, or during dog rounds
   - Once hacked, the door to the room will close, trapping the players inside
   - A nuke will set off, killing all the zombies
   - Zombies will start rapidly spawning from within the room, all sprinters no matter what round
   - They will have round 30 health if you are on a round below 30, otherwise they will retain their current health
   - A certain amount of zombies must be killed with ELECTRIC weapons, otherwise the soul will not count
   - If you come unprepared, you can press [USE] on the door to cancel the charge, but you will have to wait until the next round to try again
   - Once you kill enough zombies with electric weapons, a second nuke will set off, killing everything, then the door will open
   - You must do this to each teleporter, and every time you start a charge, the number of zombies needed will be greater

- Step 7: Escape
   - To escape, you must repeat the flytrap step. Place all three items.
   - Once you place all three items, and ALL players are inside any teleporter, the game will be beaten

WARDOGSK93 - Ported pretty much ALL my xmodels
Partisan Executioner - Major weapon file/sound finding help
HarryBo21 - Origins Pack-A-Punch Animations + Mustang & Sally + Widow's Wine FX
lilrifa - Widow's Wine Grenade Models + MP5 Models
BluntStuffy - Ray Gun Mark II FX + Soul Trail FX
Scobalula - Five Seven + CZ75 Dual Wields
NateSmithZombies - Scrolling Electric Pap Camo + AN94/MTAR/S12/M27/Executioner Models ( No Holes )
Khel Mho - DSR/B23R/PDW/Scorpion Evo Models ( No Holes ) + Minigun Fire Anim
Tom-BMX - Awesome tools to get models/anims from BO1/BO2

Known Bugs/Things I Didn't Finish
- Zombie Blood has no fx
- Widow's Wine does not add a green trail fx to the knife
- If you get 'Unknown Function' or any other script error when loading, keep trying
- If you get 'server command overflow' at the start of a game, keep trying
- Sometimes the game crashes early on ( round 5-ish ) in solo, just restart game
- Laststand third person animation system is glitchy
To Those Who Wish To Decompile My FF/IWD For My Assets/Scripts
Go ahead and look and take whatever, just please do credit me if you use something, or learn something from my scripts

Enjoy ;)

Update v1.0.1
- Changed pack-a-punch camo layouts for some weapons

Update v1.0.2
- Fixed tombstone bug where death machine was saved
- Fixed jugg bug where health would not set immediately after maxhealth was set ( noticed that in relaxingend's game )
- Fixed multiple mistakes in weapon files such as recoils/sprint loop times/etc thanks to Partisan Executioner

Update v1.0.3
- Fixed PDW/B23R/Scorpion Evo holes thanks to Khel Mho

Update v1.0.4
- Fixed DSR holes thanks to Khel Mho again
- Fixed MTAR prone position, spotted by wundrweapon

Update v1.0.5
- Added minigun barrel spin fire animation thanks to Khel Mho

Update v1.0.6
- Changed a few more pack-a-punch camo layouts
- Changed electric alt camo from origins metal to BO1 pap camo
- Fixed random CSC-played fx from playing instead of zombie eyes
Last Edit: September 07, 2016, 01:50:05 am by alaurenc9
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broken avatar :(
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