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i love this mod sooooooo much <3 but why the heck did you do this ???

Reduced the quadrupal damage on double tap (Now does only double damage)  ... its taking from the fun aspect :/
and this

You can pack a punch 4 extra times for damage boosts like in BO4 for 2500  we REALLY didnt need this XD i mean 15000 for every single weapon wtf ( im the type that loves packing a milion weapons and this is hurting my soul  :,(     

and especially this !

 Fixed issue were speed cola caused fast perk drinking and bowie/galvaknuckles floruishing  this was what speed cola supposed to do ( even in bo3 sometimes it does it but slower and its glichy coz they removed the ability sadly )

like bruh please dont break what you made , i loved it the way it was ( and made vids to say this is how zombies is supposed to be lol )

this mod adds soooooo much more repleayability to bo1 and made me fall in love with it like the first time i plaed zombies :,)

thanks again for making this in the first place  :D
 1. Why did we reduce quad tap to regular double tap? Because it was an accident due to misinformation from SE2Dev that it was even there in the first place, and I for one especially hated that guns could just melt zombies without even trying.
2. The Bo4 style pack-a-punch was added BECAUSE we removed quad tap - that way you can have your quad tap back, but it's not obtained just by spending 2000, you have to actually work for it because last I checked, having quad damage multiplier on every gun shouldn't be something you can just buy for 2k points.
3. The speed cola issue was a fucking BUG. We didn't actually realise it was there when we released it, and it looked more than broken to us, so I'm especially glad I fixed it. But hold on hold on... HOW is this what speed cola was "supposed to do.."? If faster weapon switching is something that WE added to speed cola and wasn't in ANY official 3arc zombies games... Yeah makes sense.

And to you as well as  @conn6orsuper117 , these changes are literally so minimal it's not even funny. We literally took away quad damage that wasnt supposed to be there in the first place, added a pap system that - A. let's you get quad tap back / B. you don't even have to fucking use - and we fixed a bug with perk drink times for speed cola which to 99% of people looks broken... so to say that "this patch needs to be reversed" and that it "broke shit" is RETARDEDLY overreacting. And to the "if it aint broke dont fix it", yes, this fix was done because things WERE broken and DID NEED fixing.

These comments were made with a complete misunderstanding of the mod and how the things work in it, and honestly reading these makes me want to slit my wrists and poor dish washer soap into the open wounds. Whether you think I'm a dick for talking in this derrogatory tone or not, PLEASE next time think about what you say before making me or @NikolaiLikesVodka  want to cut my balls off during a bad acid trip.

21 days ago
Lol, I'm afraid we tried but couldn't fix the issue you just gotta keep trying and eventually coop will work. No thanks already have enough children.
Thanks mate! Nah we wanted to keep the monkeys because of the difficulty they provide lmao. Shouldn't be too much a problem since sometimes they just stand still and you can go hunt them down.

 "No thanks already have enough children."

Fuck you dad.
190 days ago
Im still not getting all the zombie maps, it says something about not finding the bps of the map
Looks Amazing!!!

Just a quick question: Does this mod unlock any DLC maps? I am planning on buying bo1, though I am unsure whether this mod will unlock all DLC maps or not.

You obviously have to buy the DLCs before you can play those maps... This mod doesn't somehow provide the files required to play them - purchasing the DLC does.

how do you download this on a console?

I have a ps3
You make me want to fucking shoot myself.
223 days ago
Thank you for the answer, another question, not related to this.
Anyway to remove the 92 FPS cap? com_maxfps does nothing, any idea?
Using com_maxfps to make it higher or setting it to 0 to make it unlimited definitely works... I'm not sure why it would "do nothing" 
226 days ago
Lol, NikolaiLikesDicks here replied to the posts in their quotes because he has barely ever used UGX. But yes time to pound and kill and rape zombos, and thx for all the support.
240 days ago
I'm not quite sure you *had* to use a mod... you could have just ripped them yourself like Conviction said and like me and everyone else had too...
477 days ago
If you're referring to the fact that the button in the map list to play this map is missing, you can easily add that yourself with mod.arena and mapsTable.csv. I was able to play it coop just fine by doing it myself and sending it to my friends who played with me.
478 days ago
Sidzzz, as it grows more and more clear that for some odd and unclear reason people want to actually play this god forsaken creation, it has become more and more clear that I must take action against this terrible crime you have committed, by thoroughly roasting it. I took my time on this, making sure that after you read the slurs and harassment I have cleverly typed up for you, you will be sure to suicide in the end. This roast will reach the deepest parts of your souls and surely result in your death. Remember, this is your own doing. I don't use these powers very often but I do when I find it completely necessary to, and this is one of those times. For those who are unfit to lay eyes on the extremeness of the fire that will be set blazing off into the sky by the sheer will power of this roast, I have conveniently hidden it away in a spoiler so that I can spare the innocent individuals who have the decency to keep cancer and plague from our planet. Thank you.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
521 days ago
Oh wait Beam, I thought you were banned from UGX. I also thought that you weren't allowed to use the internet legally in Puerto Rico for harassing some girl you know. Interesting.
538 days ago
it's getting hot as fuck in here and no one informed me?
543 days ago
Calm down dude, he's not even talking to you LMAO :lol: :D
575 days ago
Lol mod gay plz delet
595 days ago
Wow guys actually thanks for such a good map, that was actually really enjoyable and we had a fun time doing the easter egg and exploring all the features.

596 days ago
Map ultra mega super gay, pls fix
599 days ago


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