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Not a chance... All 4 tunnels will be collapsed and same with the dig site
1584 days ago
ya love the map but me and friends got the same error (scripts)
1585 days ago
Well, that's understandable, if you had things to do for yourself or family/friends, than that would obviously take priority over making a map for a bunch of randoms

heres the pathnodes layout ...... 1656 nodes.... 10 under the limit.

(spawn is the bottem left)
1585 days ago
been working on guns a lot recently and life ... just been very busy
1585 days ago
beautiful map freefall! besides the couple this others have pointed out I only notice a few bo2 gun have the holes in them EX: FAL right in front of the back iron sight.

but deff +1 man damn good remake
1585 days ago
ha beat it... cant get past 10
1593 days ago
nice map, but im stuck at the damn bells... don't know whats next an cant fig out
1593 days ago

error a friend got with a simple cube
1604 days ago
 mappingI'm happy to report that I am mapping I know its been awhile but the Christmas map sucked the life from me and it sucked ....  :-[ to the new guy, hello welcome to UGX and I'm hoping the map on take more than 6 more months this is a daunting task and I am facepalming myself everyday for taking this on. But I love the map and wanted to do it. :)

AokMikey is the new lead scripter and is doing a great job at fixing and inproving Treyarchs fails.
1604 days ago
great fucking lighting man
1606 days ago
This is why this community desperately needs some indie developer to basically make another Zombie game that copies WaW Zombies but using an updated engine and perhaps some easier tools. 

Also, if we ever have another Map Contest, we will be sure to provide mappers with more time so that you can work out the kinks and optimize your maps.

Time was my nail in the coffin
1615 days ago
Thanks everyone that's interested. Feels good to know that people want this finished.
Just want everyone to know I am working g on the map iv just been sick with the flu for a week now and I will be back soon.
1616 days ago
Jbird come on TeamSpeak when you get on. ... . I cant get past 3rd soul box on solo with out a gspawn error
1634 days ago
BHAHAHAHA holy fuck
I started to cry because I was laughing so damn hard mini panzers lol

1634 days ago


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