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Hey everyone I need to fill you in on what's going on.

My 35 year old brother passed away this week so I'm not going to be doing anything for a few weeks need time to gather my thoughts I lost a close family member so yeah
1483 days ago

Lmao hahaha  :D :D :D :D
1493 days ago
Wow looks beautiful :o

it does ... very nice keep it up
1493 days ago
nah they are still working on it, they just busy with work and stuff at the moment
Thank you harry. Yes I'm a busy person fulltime job and life this is just side work .... I don't get paid to do this so it only happens when I have time. And also if I stop making the map I'll tell you till then sorry just busy
1494 days ago
no prob man
1499 days ago
select the prefab and right click on the 2d window then click enter prefab. edit from there the right click again and click leave prefab it will ask you to save. say yes whala
1499 days ago
There was also a python that sprayed white goo...oh wait wrong video...

Lol ffs StevieWonder I always wait for your comments. Lmao funny shit man. yes yes I'm still mapping, need to get in touch with Mikey ... Just never online at descent times.
1513 days ago
No offense but I asked him to make it for me don't know if he's releasing it to others
Scratch that
1562 days ago
Anyway I think the node limit is only the max disconnected from spawn but there is ways around that
1565 days ago
Honestly, I didnt think there was an issue with AR and smg damage. I though they were fine.

an94 was shit... sorry freefall

Double Post Merge: February 21, 2015, 11:33:05 pm
Freefall i sent a you pm buddy  ;)
1578 days ago
Your just jealous because it's not a stock map with stock features.

And if your so good at finding bugs why didn't you sign up for the beta? There was a WIP for over 4 months?
1581 days ago

only thing I can say is try making some stuff non colliding and detail brushes ... prob not the answer you need but I tried
1582 days ago
Swan and Sumpf and Requiem
1582 days ago
1666 is supposed to be the limit
1582 days ago


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