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It's dual-wield madness this week! And a pain in the ass for animations on my end, but that doesn't matter lol.


MW2 - Model 1887, MP5K, P90, PP2000, Ranger, & RPD

Another MW2 weapon common update, so as usual, make sure to update it.

Thanks everyone! 

MW2 Stuff here
 hey the download links are dead any chance you could reupload

90 days ago
Though I was never a huge fan of Origins (not a bad map by any means), I am really curious about this map and how it will turn out. Good work so far bro after seeing the photos.

Thank you very much man.
1848 days ago
Change the round signs, man. Detail all the way

Been done with that ... Lol
1849 days ago
Ffs! Stop sending me personal email the map will be finished.... There is no flipping download Link because its not done ... Duh
1873 days ago
Lol, good. Don't think me or Tim could do as good of a job as you. ;)

Thx man  :)
1892 days ago
Still mapping guys
1893 days ago
That's why we get high, coz u never know when you gonna go

I was hoping someone knew the ending to that lol damn right! 4/20s my birthday lol
1929 days ago
That would be awesome if you could maybe update the description so people know your back. Cause people like me just look at the last edit and dont check comments  :-[ Also sorry for your what happened, life sucks but we got to do what ever we can to make it better.  :D

Good idea. And thx. lifes a bitch then you die lol. But ya ill do that
1929 days ago
This is the WIP section, so no it isnt.

Lol still working

Double Post Merge: February 21, 2016, 12:42:47 am
Looks good so far but make sure you make your map haven with vegetation to give it that, years gone by effect. :D

Definitely dually noted , I have mainly focused on the playable detail but trust me that's on the list
1940 days ago
Thx exofile
1967 days ago
Thank you MiKeY
1971 days ago
Thx been better lately but its been hard. But hey that's what shooting zombies is for lol
1971 days ago
I think he means like this

[/	// this map uses atleast 1 perk machine
PrecacheItem( "zombie_perk_bottle_doubletap" );
PrecacheItem( "zombie_perk_bottle_jugg" );
PrecacheItem( "zombie_perk_bottle_revive" );
PrecacheItem( "zombie_perk_bottle_sleight" );
PrecacheItem( "bo2_t6_wpn_zmb_perk_bottle_cherry_view" );
PrecacheItem( "zombie_perk_bottle_phd" );
PrecacheItem( "zombie_perk_bottle_staminup" );
PrecacheItem( "zombie_perk_bottle_mulekick" );
PrecacheItem( "zombie_perk_bottle_deadshot" );

PrecacheItem( "zombie_knuckle_crack" );code]

I don't know much about script but I think you have to precache them
1971 days ago

yes guys im back to work ... just got my pc working again. and sorry ... shortly after my brother passed away last year, my and my now ex fiancée broke it off after a 3 year engagement and 11 yrs together so I kinda fucked off for a bit.....
1971 days ago


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