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the getplayers() change at the end of the tutorial is what fixed that for me

Hmm not for me for some reason.

Edit: Fixed.

I added a
wait 0.5;
at the top of the script

    assert( IsPlayer( player ) );
    assert( IsDefined( player.entity_num ) );
    players = get_players();
    if(players.size == 1)
    return player.entity_num_randomized;
    return player.entity_num;
2194 days ago
Works great, but there is a bug, after a few seconds of spawning in, the game freezes, detecting an infinite loop in a script, killing the thread.
2194 days ago
Can't you change it here? :P

Edit: I just realized people already said this sorry.
2194 days ago
The difference is that these have higher quality than the ones that are already. I suggest that you try them out, it takes about 5 mins to download and add the shaders into a map because the quality does drop a little bit, and maybe you need to try playing with it, just a suggestion.

Post Merge: February 24, 2014, 07:07:59 pm
I will make a picture comparing shaders, but first I need all of the old
BO2 Shaders.

I personally do see a difference in them. I honestly think they look better. :)
2195 days ago
Nice. Keep up the good work! :D
2195 days ago
I added the double points and insta kill to the the picture at the top, but those are all I have... I wish that I had firesale and all of the pictures of the UGX mod power so so I could make BO2 styled UGX mod power up shaders and then make then edit them like I did these...

Just those 2 are fine for me, my current map doesn't even work with UGX with the scripts I've added in it.
2196 days ago
Now the next step! Power up shaders for 2x and Insta Kill if you want to >.>
Lol good job! These look awesome!  :)
2196 days ago
Edit: This looks awesome, i made it brighter and turned it into an oriented sprite, with a bit of light.

It didn't work at first, but I fixed it.

in mapname.gsc


level.DLC3.myFX = ::preCacheMyFX;

remove the // from the beginning of that line. (may already be done)

now find preCacheMyFX()

and add
level._effect["weapon_glow"]		= loadfx("weapon_glow");

so it looks like this (yours may have extra effects, just ignore them)

level._effect["weapon_glow"] = loadfx("weapon_glow");
2196 days ago


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