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Not sure if it's a bug but when you shoot at zombies head it doesn't work everytime :/
I also found another bug which is more important (jump on a shelf + more), I recorded both (in low quality for small files size): https://www.mediafir...
1112 days ago
I found a bug with Double Tap, once you shot/cut a zombie, it gets damaged until death, also I fell in the room behind Quick Revive but I didn't die (I had PhD) I was receiving infinite hits until my friend died then I died too.
1157 days ago
Love this map, you did a great job with details and weapons ! Also, I think I found a bug, I died while having death machine powerup and got revived then it switched back to my weapon but cycling was disabled, so I bought a perk and it re-enabled weapon cycling, and i still had death machine (unlimi...
1174 days ago
Amazing map ! We were doing the EE but the game crashed (round 23) :'(
1183 days ago
I have hundreds of hours into the map, and I've had people put 10's of hours into the map within the last few weeks without a single crash like the ones being described, so I can only blame memory issues with t...
1427 days ago


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