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Messages - neuropunk

Not sure if it's a bug but when you shoot at zombies head it doesn't work everytime :/
I also found another bug which is more important (jump on a shelf + more), I recorded both (in low quality for small files size): (sorry about background music, I didn't know it was recorded too :p)
5 years ago
I found a bug with Double Tap, once you shot/cut a zombie, it gets damaged until death, also I fell in the room behind Quick Revive but I didn't die (I had PhD) I was receiving infinite hits until my friend died then I died too.
6 years ago
Love this map, you did a great job with details and weapons ! Also, I think I found a bug, I died while having death machine powerup and got revived then it switched back to my weapon but cycling was disabled, so I bought a perk and it re-enabled weapon cycling, and i still had death machine (unlimited) + my 2 weapons.

I was curious and wanted to find what was causing this bug and I think I found why, it's the WatchDown function in powerups gsc, I think you need to replace "deathmachine" with "zombie_death" (line 1534) and enable weapon cycling in the isAlive condition at the end of the function, but I'm not a pro scripter so what I'm saying may be wrong !

6 years ago
Amazing map ! We were doing the EE but the game crashed (round 23) :'(
6 years ago
I have hundreds of hours into the map, and I've had people put 10's of hours into the map within the last few weeks without a single crash like the ones being described, so I can only blame memory issues with the engine and certain computer hardware combinations. The crashes can be debugged, but not by me. Will need DUKIP's help and direct contact with people who get the unhandled crashes.

It's ok, I'm going to add him on Skype and I hope we'll get this fixed because this map is amazing and I really want to finish the side quest !  :)
6 years ago
You could try playing with T4M, dunno if its limit related.

Even using T4M the error occurs, is there any debug procedure to find what causes these crashes (crash log or something) ? I have a recent computer and my graphics drivers are up to date, I think thats'a a map related issue because all other maps I have never crashes.. :(
6 years ago
Anyone else having "Unhandled exception caught" error when playing the map? I've almost finished the map but this fucking error appeared and it's really frustraiting, it was appearing 3 or 4 times already, argh...

Same for me, almost every time I play on this map it gives that error.. :(
6 years ago
What EXACTLY happens when you get the error?

Windows says CoDWaW stopped working and external console gives an error message "Unhandled exception caught".
6 years ago
Hello, this map is really great, I love it but everytime I try to do the side quest, around round 20 the game crashes and external console says "Unhandled exception caught", do someone knows how to fix this please ? :(
6 years ago
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