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Weapons will  be pack a punch able and auger should b a death machine drop in the updated download. I might add a couple weapons.
565 days ago
loving the map nice work

Thx, did a once over on the map again. trying to add some colours that make the map look nicer and play easier.

Added missing shaders, death machine, bonus points, blue muzzle flash, upgradable wonder weapons, removed ray gun, detail

Updated link!
569 days ago
Anyone who tests the map make a list of things that need to fix. I see a handful
577 days ago
Beta currently being uploaded. Download will be posted here!
580 days ago
Very nice!
601 days ago
Hello. I was wondering if anyone had a mini gun script that I could possibly have and use. I want one that gives all players a mini gun (which I have) and disables players from interacting with everything but doors/debris
611 days ago

This video should get your buttons working!

Ignore the extremely loud PC and make sure you download the files and read about it.
613 days ago
if you want I can send you files that u can replace to make the map not need T4M. A lot of it is just single player campaign sounds like tanks and stuff you do not need being called (unless you have a tank in your map)
613 days ago
If you need any help learning things like how to add weather, better lighting, bumpy ground, have a non see through texture etc let me know!
619 days ago
I like looks like classic waw style map
621 days ago
I want Potato inside me!
624 days ago
If you have twitter I can add u and help you with your map I've been mapping for a few years now

627 days ago
I don't use the UGX Script placer but I'm sure it's the same as any other "Solo Start Button"

1. Find The UI File Main And Copy/Paste, Rename "nazi_zombie_MAPNAME" Than Open It
WaW Root Folder/raw/UI/

2. Find This Line In The File
CHOICE_BUTTON_VIS( 1, "@MENU_SOLO_CAP", SETUP_ACTION_SOLO; LOCAL_ZOMBIE_RESET, when( !localvarBool( ui_hideBack ) ); )

3. Change To This Text "Solo Zombies" Is What The Text Is Displayed As. Make Sure you make the MAPNAME yours!
CHOICE_BUTTON_VIS( 1, "Solo Zombies", exec "map nazi_zombie_MAPNAME"; , when( !localvarBool( ui_hideBack ) ); )

4. Add Into Mod Builder

That's it!
627 days ago
these "tutorials" feel like spam anymore.... I come to see new exciting content and see these basic tutorials.
627 days ago

I know i'm off topic and i strongly apologize mods but I have to get this.

I'm sorry but can you tell me a single thing wrong with my box? It just lacks the cos texture maps. As you can make them yourself (easy af)
Also, I was the first to port these small things and when i did that. I expected everyone to understand how to change their own boxes to the model i ported. So it's just a lid and box, not a full port. That was my full intention.
Also bear in mind we didn't have Wraith back at the day. I had to do 3 times the work.
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Well here's the issue with your box. You have the latch that is suppose to be on the box on the lip. When it's something like a mystery box I get a little picky because it's being used a lot in the game :/ I'm sure I have an issue with my box because I ported it when bo3 was new.
682 days ago


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