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Hello. I know I do a lot of Remastered/Remake but meh I just want to make fun maps actually work. If you don't know Halloween Cube it was released in 2014 by Josemane2418 and it was a simple map with 7 rooms, Black Ops 1 perks, and WaW mutiplayer weapons.

The Problem: Coop didn't work because the name of the map was too long. A version was released where the coop did work but the bo1 perks and ending did not. Also another problem was the map had MP weapons for WaW but he didn't change any stats or anything even for pack-a-punch.

What I did: I made the file name smaller so coop works. Also I included different weapons/versions like the Bo2 M1911 with Mustang & Sally pack-a-punch version and Bo2 M1927 to replaced Thompson with drum.  All perks work and ending which was increased to 55,000. lastly I added some detail outside the map but nothing crazy as I feel it would take away from the classic basic feel.
Bo2 Hazmat Players
WaW and Bo1 Perks with no limit
Solo revive
Shootable Pumpkin Music EE
Verrückt Sprinters
WaW SP/MP and Bo2 Weapons
Zombie Hug Fix
3 Hit Down without Jugg
Bo2 Knifing
Buyable Ending
Bo2 Round Sounds


680 days ago
Just a simple pumpkin a quickly made getting into the halloween spirit. No credit needed

683 days ago
Hey, I'm working on a Halloween map and it's almost done. Here's a couple question I have for everyone.1 When is it okay to release a halloween map? 

2 Should the zombies have custom skin textures 

3 Should I add a couple hidden songs

4 Are just WaW weapons good (has 3 weapons for single player campaign fixed for zombies)I have about 20 Bo2 weapons and wasn't sure if I should add them. I see them adding to the reply a bit but at the same time I love the feel of a classic waw map. I would like to have the map reply a lot and enjoyed. So didn't know if adding them was super important.

(Map is just a fun quick challenge map)
686 days ago
Hey was wondering if anyone would like to help make a challenge map like cheese cube unlimited. I thought it’s be more fun with more perks and different weapons. Would be more fun if cod get some MW3 or Bo2 guns in it. Thanks!  :-*
700 days ago
Die Festung Remastered

Download Size: 274MB
T4M Not Needed
Media Fire

Map Description
Die Festung is a 935 Lab that's been closed and abandon for years. Willard Wyler sees this old facility as lost treasure an a amazing place to start filming his new movie. Unfortunately for Mr. Wyler the actors he's selected were clearly a mistake that will come back to haunt him.

IW Weapons
IW Announcer
IW Buildables
IW Round Sounds
IW Perks (No Perk Limit)
Soul Chests
Buyable Ending
Kino Teleporter
Bo2 Knifing (Zombie Hug Fix)
EE Song (Not Suited For Youtube)
Black Ops 2 CDC
Gun Game
Death Machine, Bonus Points, and Infinite Ammo
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
- Credit

Update V1.1
- Fixed Brutus Zapper Crash
- Fixed Brutus Attack Glitch
717 days ago
it seems when round five starts all the round sounds stop playing and it's really bothering me because the map is so close to being done. I have added DUKIP AW Hud and idk if I messed something up while doing it or if it's something else.
728 days ago
Hello. I was wondering if anyone had a mini gun script that I could possibly have and use. I want one that gives all players a mini gun (which I have) and disables players from interacting with everything but doors/debris
777 days ago
Hello, Today I bring forward a new project I am going to be doing. This time it will be done only by myself with hopefully no help. I bring to you! The Pyramid Recreation Centre!

This is a real place that exist that I am hoping to remake into a zombie map. I hope everyone enjoys.

I'll try to get images of the real place and compare than when I get the time to.

Image game update

865 days ago
damn it remove this I thought I was in waw section
865 days ago
I need a couple little things scripted and was hoping someone could help me add some things to my map.

-Soul Chests (using a model I edited in blender)

-Door to open after soul chests are filled

The door that is being opened is already part of a zone so it just needs to rotate 2 bunker style doors open and a clip to be removed
870 days ago
Hello, I've been trying to port a Clone Trooper as a player model for a few days but just cant seem to get it working. I'd would love some help with it if it's possible.

I have gotten it in game but bones. weight paints aren't right.

941 days ago
Die Festung was a map that was a rushed and released shortly after the open release of the Black Ops 3 Mod tools. After many bored time of playing this map that had a lot of potential I decided it's time to go back to the drawing board and fix all these things that were wrong or were lacking.

So here today I bring you the Die Festung Remastered.


Shaders Mod!
(Hit Scroll Lock to Eable)

Models are being ported properly
Lighting is being looked into for fixes
Fixed Pathing
New drops
IW Weapons
Hazmat Players (no voice)
IW Vending/Magic Wheel
Buildable Zap Guns
IW Spaceland Round Sounds
EE Song
Boss Zombie
Soul Chest
IW Announcer
Gun Game Arcade Mode!

Without Shaders
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
964 days ago
Hello, I just finished remaking one of the default world at war door texture's as a 3D model. The model uses the default texture and material so you don't need to drag anything into your mods folder.

1416 days ago
I need help getting my players to teleport back into my map when on a MG42 turret. I have mounted MG42's (two of them) set up in my Pack a Punch but when my kino teleporter does the lighting to teleport the players to the mainframe players using the turrets can stay. I am using "Aidan" Kino teleporter V2 script.

Please help
1418 days ago
In all my time messing around mapping I have never came across an error like this. After trying to add a Mounted MG in my PaP room to give it a little spice I started receiving this annoying error. My map now will not load and freezes with 2 seconds of pressing start and crashing my game so hard that I can not view my console log. Please help!

Double Post Merge: September 12, 2016, 12:59:40 am
The error is "ERROR: physics constraints 'left_hinge' not found"
1425 days ago


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