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Hey, if you need help let me know I can port/make model for you and help up make textures or maybe make you prefabs so u can drop things into maps so it blends. Just let me know tho
619 days ago
Lol why would anyone want ANOTHER Kino remake lol
673 days ago
this requires t4m?? doesnt seem to be that intense of a map...
 Im pretty sure it DOESN’T need T4M
710 days ago
hello I have a problem with the mod
when I put to play the game freezes
Is there any solution??

So I hear the errors that everyone is finding and I'm looking into it. I have a fix on it's way for possible round sounds not working too. For the problem quoted her I believe the map had a T4M being needed error that I didn't know of because I thought I didn't have it installed when testing. I can confimr that it 100% doesn't need T4M to run anymore. As I said working on an update should be very soon.

Double Post Merge: October 01, 2018, 03:15:39 am
Update Released Please Reinstall (Last Update).- Fixed Noob Mapper Drag And Drop Limit Fix ( T4M )- Added Back Player Quotes- Added Bo2 Round Sounds- Fixed 3 Hit System To Work After Downed (Solo/Coop)- Changed EE Song
- Fixed Zone Error

718 days ago
That wow didn’t seem good. I beta tested this map and it was great solo but it was so easy to remake for people to play with there friends.

Maybe i should remake kino rebirth since I remember helping do the wall weapon models and beta testing it too lol.
722 days ago
Hello. I know I do a lot of Remastered/Remake but meh I just want to make fun maps actually work. If you don't know Halloween Cube it was released in 2014 by Josemane2418 and it was a simple map with 7 rooms, Black Ops 1 perks, and WaW mutiplayer weapons.

The Problem: Coop didn't work because the name of the map was too long. A version was released where the coop did work but the bo1 perks and ending did not. Also another problem was the map had MP weapons for WaW but he didn't change any stats or anything even for pack-a-punch.

What I did: I made the file name smaller so coop works. Also I included different weapons/versions like the Bo2 M1911 with Mustang & Sally pack-a-punch version and Bo2 M1927 to replaced Thompson with drum.  All perks work and ending which was increased to 55,000. lastly I added some detail outside the map but nothing crazy as I feel it would take away from the classic basic feel.
Bo2 Hazmat Players
WaW and Bo1 Perks with no limit
Solo revive
Shootable Pumpkin Music EE
Verrückt Sprinters
WaW SP/MP and Bo2 Weapons
Zombie Hug Fix
3 Hit Down without Jugg
Bo2 Knifing
Buyable Ending
Bo2 Round Sounds


723 days ago
Just a simple pumpkin a quickly made getting into the halloween spirit. No credit needed

726 days ago
Hey, I'm working on a Halloween map and it's almost done. Here's a couple question I have for everyone.1 When is it okay to release a halloween map? 

2 Should the zombies have custom skin textures 

3 Should I add a couple hidden songs

4 Are just WaW weapons good (has 3 weapons for single player campaign fixed for zombies)I have about 20 Bo2 weapons and wasn't sure if I should add them. I see them adding to the reply a bit but at the same time I love the feel of a classic waw map. I would like to have the map reply a lot and enjoyed. So didn't know if adding them was super important.

(Map is just a fun quick challenge map)
729 days ago

anything else or will that complete your order

Was hopping for more bo2 and CFG doesn’t have much of it
742 days ago
Hey was wondering if anyone would like to help make a challenge map like cheese cube unlimited. I thought it’s be more fun with more perks and different weapons. Would be more fun if cod get some MW3 or Bo2 guns in it. Thanks!  :-*
742 days ago
Hmmm im die and poof crrraaaaccchhh bug ( all stances are disalowed for player ) ?

Die with death machine?
743 days ago
Does asset viewer not work?
753 days ago
The iw vending machines do not work for me do i need iw on my pc to run this map?

756 days ago
how to devmap this map

It’s Devmap nazi_zombie_dfr

Look in your local activison folder and the mod name to see the names of maps to put in
757 days ago


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