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Just adding this, Wunderwaffe for some reason on Der Riese it just appears black without a camo when Papped.
And I got this odd thing too, nears dogs cages in der riese there are the "two brains" for the ...
2 months ago
Small update, same link as always
- double tap now increases bullet damage by 33% in addition to 33% firerate buff. so on verruckt and snn specifically where there's no pap, some bullet weapons should last a few rounds longer
- rare japanese headbands on SNN zombies
- fixed m1 ga...
2 months ago
Loving the mod so far, only question I have is, is there a guide for the easter eggs anywhere or is it just a "Figure it out on your own" type thing?
It is but if you join my discord linked on my youtu...
4 months ago
Thanks! The ray gun odds are the same as any regular weapon in Nacht and Verruckt: a complete lottery, same as in vanilla.
4 months ago
COD5 Zombies Remastered Update
  • This is the "final" release, if you play the mod make sure to re-download now that I have added in all the rest of my new fixes & features. Unfortunately, the changelist just got out of control so it will take me some months to slowl...
5 months ago
Hey everyone, myself and @Clippy95 have worked on a continuation of T4M we just released our r48 fork
The main changes include fixed vertex corruption (you no longer need to change texture...
5 months ago
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