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edit: its not that sexy tho
when i put
Code Snippet
level thread level_Start_vox
inside main() function then
Code Snippet
    wait( 5 );
    players = get_players();
    for( i = 0; i < players.size; i++ )
        players[i].has_talked = 0;
            zombies = getaiarray("axis" );
            close_zombies = get_array_of_closest( players[i].origin, zombies, undefined, undefined, 600 );
            for( j = 0; j < zombies.size; j++ )
                if ( (players[i] IsLookingAt(zombies[j]) || close_zombies.size > 0 || players[i].score_total > 500) && players[i].has_talked == 0 )
                    players[i].has_talked = 1;
                    index = maps\_zombiemode_weapons::get_player_index( players[i] );
                    plr = "plr_" + index + "_";
                    players[i] thread create_and_play_dialog( plr, "vox_level_start", 0.25 );
            if(players[i].has_talked == 1)

at the bottom of the .gsc it gave me an error saying "level_start_vox" is already defined in dlc3_code
and yeah it was i checked on it, then i removed the "level_start_vox" from main()
still same error
then i removed it from your code i put at the bottom
i got bad syntax error lmfao
unless i didnt understand what u mean or ur wrong with the code, i hope u reach out to fix it or fix my mistake
anyways danke
- You said you wrote "level thread level_Start_vox" that is incorrect, it should be "level thread level_start_vox();"
- You are on a custom map with script placer, dlc3_code contains some of your "mapname" gsc stuff so you can just follow my tutorial on this file only
- Since the default dlc3 code already threads a function called "level_start_vox", all you really have to do is leave everything unchanged except scroll down to where the level_start_function() is from your dlc3code and replace it with mine, that is literally it, I'm not wrong with the code it's what I use on my nacht der untoten custom mod so it will work for you
Good luck
3 weeks ago
Hey ! Your mod is AWESOME no doubt about it, it adds everything I wish plutonium added... But why is there no options to turn off custom weapons ? I just want the game to stay vanilla but with the tesla bug fix and FOV slider and other cool QoL improvements, but being forced to use custom weapons and all really ruins it for me. Also the achievements you added are awesome too ! Thanks for the mod, hope you'll respond (Image removed from quote.)
Responded on youtube already, but in case anyone is wondering my thoughts --I have only added a few custom weapons per map and they are all from multiplayer, it's to the point where you can play a game and still sometimes not notice all the new weapons because they're spread out. A lot of people even download my mod thinking the main feature is custom weapons and that's all the want, so it's a pretty core element. If you're concerned that the gameplay balance is ruined, none of the weapons change any high round strategies or change what "the best weapons are," it's just more fun stuff to play around with. For these reasons, I don't think it's necessary to make a toggle. I have also been trying to encourage the community to modify my mod if they have requests like this, it's easy to do and my mod is open sourced
5 months ago
Just adding this, Wunderwaffe for some reason on Der Riese it just appears black without a camo when Papped.
And I got this odd thing too, nears dogs cages in der riese there are the "two brains" for the EE song, and one is near the teleporter on the other side of the map, sure
I interacted with the two "brains " near the dogs cages, I got the "interacted" sound effect, but I could still hear the sound effect that means that I still have to interact with it. Meanwhile going on the third one there was no sound effect before interacting with it and after interacting with it. I interacted anyway and the song started.
It looks the sfx are all near the first two ones near the dog cages, and there are no sfx on the third one
Idk why though, plutonium btw
Thanks for playing.
Try turning on your Specular Maps in graphics settings, you basically have "shininess" disabled so that's why they look black.
As for the jars, this is how they work in WAW the loop sound does not stop. The interact sound is glitchy and sometimes does not play, same in Vanilla. I have tried to fix it for years but never could figure out why.
7 months ago
Small update, same link as always
- double tap now increases bullet damage by 33% in addition to 33% firerate buff. so on verruckt and snn specifically where there's no pap, some bullet weapons should last a few rounds longer
- rare japanese headbands on SNN zombies
- fixed m1 garand launcher ammo reset bug when revived
Reminder, still no one has posted guides or full footage to the easter egg quests, it's more fun for the community to do it so first in the world is still there for the taking
8 months ago
Loving the mod so far, only question I have is, is there a guide for the easter eggs anywhere or is it just a "Figure it out on your own" type thing?
It is but if you join my discord linked on my youtube we have talked about the steps before. The DLC2 trailer also hints at a lot of the steps if you really analyze it
9 months ago
Thanks! The ray gun odds are the same as any regular weapon in Nacht and Verruckt: a complete lottery, same as in vanilla.
10 months ago
COD5 Zombies Remastered Update
  • This is the "final" release, if you play the mod make sure to re-download now that I have added in all the rest of my new fixes & features. Unfortunately, the changelist just got out of control so it will take me some months to slowly update it as many things are missing.
  • Both Shi No Numa & Der Riese have full Easter Egg quests (to do factory quest, requires unlocking the the sumpf quest achievement)
  • Many new edits to weapon models both in 1st person and 3rd person
  • Better controller support, no more need to use any console commands everything is now integrated into the actual menu UI
  • Download is a bit bigger, just recently added in higher quality masters of the Easter Egg songs from the official soundtrack
  • Open source & released on GitHub if you want to see how I did things or make your own fork:

10 months ago
Hey everyone, myself and @Clippy95 have worked on a continuation of T4M we just released our r48 fork
The main changes include fixed vertex corruption (you no longer need to change texture settings on some custom maps), ReShade support, and an added LAN fix/potential fix for CD players. Also some other minor things you can read about in the GitHub. If anyone else has any other requests for us to continue the project let me know.
Windows may detect it as a false positive because to fix vertex corruption we actually had patch the WAW game .exe. However, users can still use our r47 and then just add the patch manually.
11 months ago
Join the discord it will be easier and you can send the scripts you have. Perk random sounds like it will be it at least for Der Riese. There wont be shi no numa scripts in the mod tools because the bozos only give you The Giant assets if I remember correctly
12 months ago
Step 1: Find the 3 script files that complete each of these actions. At least in waw you had nazi_zombie_sumpf_perks for Shi No Numa
Step 2: There is probably a variable that is being set to = the name of the perk. Just hard code it to always equal the perk you want. For Shi No Numa, do something like (if name_of_hut_variable == "fishing_hut_whateverthenameis") perk == "mule_kick"
I don't know the names of any of these variables so if you can get the scripts that complete these actions then I can help further
12 months ago
Thanks for the response, i downloaded t4m and put it into the game's folder, still gives me error, and my menu is cursed, i mean like theres "oOFeO)(o" instead of play, settings, and etc. I think my pc is just a potato
I don't believe you installed it correctly then, make sure to follow everything here
1 year ago
Yeah he just forgot T4M I believe he fixed it also commented on my video. But also this mod is still being worked on, planning to release an update sometime this year with a long awaited continuion of where I left off with Shi No Numa.. ​:)​
1 year ago
Which maps do you have that issue? All 4 or just Nacht?
Don't know though, I just use the English version so I never looked into how different translations work. Pathways should be the same just in the localized_spanish iwd's
1 year ago
Find the script where electric cherry's function is and post here. The code has a script runtime error when you do what you did I suppose. Gets stuck in infinite loop so it freezes, but the game kills the thread instead of crashing thus the code stops working. As for screenshot issue, that's probably not the map's fault I've heard that happen in vanilla waw for many people too.
1 year ago
I added easter egg items to my mod this might be useful if you want to have an item show up in the bottom right corner
Code Snippet
// First, you need to run the function wherever you want (like in another function when a player buys something or picks something up) and you can do that with:

    player item_hud_create("NAME_OF_TEXTURE");

// then just put the rest at the bottom of your script:

        shader = item_texture;
        self.item_hud = create_simple_hud( self );
        self.item_hud.foreground = true;
        self.item_hud.sort = 2;
        self.item_hud.hidewheninmenu = false;
        self.item_hud.alignX = "center";
        self.item_hud.alignY = "bottom";
        self.item_hud.horzAlign = "right";
        self.item_hud.vertAlign = "bottom";
        self.item_hud.x = -230;
        self.item_hud.y = -1;
        self.item_hud.alpha = 1;
        self.item_hudSetShader( shader, 32, 32 );

        self thread item_hud_remove();

    level waittill_any( "end_game", "PUT_OTHER_NOTIFY_HERE_IF_U_WANT" );
    self.item_hud destroy_hud();
    self.item_hud = undefined;


1 year ago
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