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how do you mod the stock maps? I wanted to make a der riese mod that just fixed the waffe glitch but I don't know how to mod the stock maps.
 get the stock scripts from the game files extract ff's. this mod will still give you the vanilla experience though, like over half of the stuff I'm doing here are just bug fixes/visual changes. only 2 new guns on der riese and quick revive tweaked which change gameplay. waffe glitch fixed is so nice tho
14 days ago
What's up everyone, I had to stop working on this mod because school started, well it's almost over and I've gotten back to it. I've decided to reformat this mod as a Der Riese patch only, and when that is finished, then I will work on the other maps. The post has now been edited to reflect my progress - showing what I still have to do, and what I have completed, so go check that!

Current Issues - PLEASE HELP

I still have some weird issues that I can't figure out, if anyone could give any tips please let me know:

-My custom game options menu is missing the background in-game (When I pause and go to this menu, it's completely transparent instead of blurred/darkened)

-Dogs missing animation on co-op

-Dempsey can sometimes be heard even when he's not in game, responding to other player actions (like getting headshots). This is not a huge issue, but wondering if there is a work around. I do not want to just remove those lines because then on co-op some of the fun lines will be gone. Unless I could disable them on solo-only?

-Need help writing a script so that max ammo ignores the Flamethrower (when it gives the Flamethrower ammo the ADS anim glitches, don't ask me why), and instead, I've always wanted the Flamthrower's cooldown to reset on a max ammo. I have a draft of the script but it doesn't really work and I'm not sure on how to proceed.  
46 days ago
Looks pretty great so far! I really like the fact you're trying to keep the feel of the original maps.

Will the Type 99 be on all maps or just Shi No Numa? Same with the Mosin Nagant and Der Reise.

I know these weapons also have PaP variants in the game files, so it would be pretty interesting to see the Type 99 in Der Reise
 Hey, sorry for late reply. Yeah so originally my plan is to just give each map a unique weapon, so Nacht/Verruckt already have that by default and Shi No would get type 99 and der riese gets mosin. The reason for this limitation was to keep it very similar to treyarch and also I was unsure of my ability to get guns working with sounds, models, etc. Luckily, I was able to get the type 99 into Shi no numa no problem, everything working, which means, I could probably get it into Der Riese now that I think about it. That will be something for once im done with my main to do list.

Anyways, as a general update for anyone who sees this thread: I have stopped working on the mod for a couple weeks and been busy with school but I will start back up on it again when I feel like it. This is a mod that's being done in the long haul.. So don't expect anything finished for at least a year, and maybe 2-3 months for a beta release.
271 days ago
Progress has been slow but mod is still going as planned. I have all my custom weapons (type 99,  scoped mosin) in game now working great. Not sure if I will add more. I have also since updated Nikola's hands to be accurate to the player model. Yellowish tan sleeves with blood splatters.
286 days ago
This is exactly what I wanted in a mod, if you ever need help, let me know.
Thank you so much dude! Here is my current to do list, if you can offer any advice/guides that would be awesome. If not, one day I'll figure everything out eventually, I'm learning as I go. 

-For some reason on Nacht/Verruckt/Shi no it shows "upgraded ammo 4500" on wall weapons (something in my script?)
-I have a custom 'game options' with an FOV slider etc. on pause menu, but the background is transparent instead of being blurry with black bars
-Nacht has working flamethrower ADS, but on the other 3 you can only aim while firing 
-Make it so you get +100 on insta kill  for nacht/verruckt, currently only +50
-Molotovs are silent on nacht, no lighter sound effect/no explosion sound
-Bouncing Betties are glitched, they do no damage on all 4 maps except shi no numa
-Dogs missing animation on co-op (treyarch issue)
-I want to fix the sound on the 2 jars for Der Riese easter egg, there is no SFX, the one by Type 100 works perfect like on Kino, it makes weird noise then press F the noise stops
-I want to make max ammos give Molotovs back on Nacht/Verruckt
-I want to make max ammos resets the flamethrower cooldown
-+25 points when you prone at perks for all maps with perks
-Electric traps stay active for 30 seconds instead of 25 ( i think it was)
-Make all 3 easter egg songs louder/the same volume, and under the 'music' setting in sound options
-re-add unused Radio #5 from Der Riese files
-Bleed out time buffed from 30 seconds to 45 seconds
-Explosive damage/splash damage is the same on all 4 maps (Based on Der Riese damage, Ray Gun/Panzershrek/Grenades/Molotovs),nacht/verruckt the splash damage was way stronger 
298 days ago
## A mod by John_Banana

This mod, only for Der Riese, is the first part in a 'remastered patch' for all four WaW zombie maps. The other maps will eventually come later if this version releases smoothly & there are no issues! The aim of this mod is to fix bugs, consistency errors, and add some new quality-of-life features inspired by Black Ops 1, without overhauling the maps, making them feel foreign, or ruining their intended gameplay.

I hope you all can enjoy this mod and hopefully use it the next time you feel like playing the WaW zombies! Read below for the full list of changes.

Note: Due to the nature of WaW modding, it was easier to make each map have their own mod file. When they are all finished, you will be able install whichever ones you want, simply launch the desired map in your mods list, and then press play on the menu. This works in co-op as well, just make sure all players have the same version of the mod launched!

-> nazi_zombie_remastered_dlc3 (for Der Riese)
& possibly to come:
-> nazi_zombie_remastered_dlc2 (for Shi No Numa)
-> nazi_zombie_remastered_dlc1 (for Verruckt)
-> nazi_zombie_remastered (for Nacht Der Untoten)

## Credits
* cristian_m - Additional scripts & helping me learn some modding tricks
* psulions45 - Additional scripts
* ege115 - Walking animation script
* Clippy95 - HD perk & powerup icons
* Thank you to the UGX WaW Discord members for helping me along the way
* Inspired by JBleezy's Black Ops 1 Reimagined mod

## Change Notes for Der Riese ONLY

## General Changes & Improvements
* Wunderwaffe-Jugg glitch fixed
* Player spawns as a random character on solo, with accurate playerhands for the 4 heroes:
    -Dempsey: Marine hands with rolled up sleeves (Unedited, from campaign)
    -Nikolai: Russian jacket sleeves with yellowish-tan colorization and added blood splatters 
    -Takeo: Japanese jacket sleeves edited to be bluish-grey
    -Richtofen: German sleeves & gloves, American Black Cats pilot hands edited to be black gloves/tan sleeves
* FOV is set to 80 by default (Going full 90 makes a lot of the reloading animations look weird, so I chose 80 as a good middle ground)
* Buffed bleedout time from 30 seconds to 45 seconds
* Buffed electric traps from 25 seconds to a nice & round 30 seconds
* Holding weapon while moving animation: Removed the weapon just lowering, they now sway, which makes it look better
* All 3 Easter Egg song jars play the SFX properly when pressed
* Updated 'mission intro' in bottom left corner to also include the date, I will also make sure to have all 4 maps completely uniform in this info (Showing both the location & date according to the zombie storyline)
* Slightly increased Easter Egg song volume

## Loadout & Weapons Changes
* Scrapped weapon: Scoped Mosin Nagant added to the Mystery Box. Upgraded variant with my own custom name & stats based on a mixture of the upgraded Kar98k & PTRS.
* Scrapped weapon: Sawed-Off Double-Barrel added to the Mystery Box. Upgraded variant was already created by Treyarch.
* Removed "w/ Grip" from the Sawed-Off Shotgun name because it doesn't look like it has a grip, plus in MP you can only choose one or the other of these attachments, not both.
* Wunderwaffe now kills 12 zombies in one chain (Not 10), and when upgraded, it kills 24 (with a faster spread)
* Knife lunging is less common (but still happens if you are far away from a zombie)
* Molotov Cocktails recieved a substantial buff so they can actually damage zombies more.
* Flamethrower ADS works now when your controls are set to toggle ADS, like in Campaign & Multiplayer
* When holding the Kar98k, the Bowie Knife is no longer silent.

## HUD Improvements
* American Mk2 grenade icon replaced with the actual Steilhandgranate icon
* Monkey bomb icon tweaked to fit other WaW HUD art better
* HD perk & powerup icons
* Scoreboard added to solo (T4M feature)

## Perks & Powerups
* Double Tap now increases bullet damage by 1.5x (Similar to Double Tap 2.0, but not quite as OP)
* Quick Revive works on solo: you get 3 lives with it & can use the upgraded Colt while down
* Carpenters/Nukes are now effected by an active Double Points

## Menu
* For ease of access, solo play button added to the main menu for whichever map is loaded. This also makes it so you don't start the wrong map on accident, which would not work.
* Entirely new 'Game Options' in settings menu, including: FOV settings, FPS settings, controller support settings, and special settings like the ability to disable knife lunging, etc.

Main Current Issues:
- Bouncing Betties do not deal any damage.
- When going into my new game options/graphics settings ingame, the pause menu will have a completely transparent background. Everything still works, but for some reason it just looks like that.
- Co-op only dogs issue (Universal WaW bug that people still haven't fixed I've checked UGX): Dogs running animation not working for non-host players.

Needs co-op testing:
-Bleed out time buffed from 30 seconds to 45 seconds
-Game options if do they work or not enough dev privileges, if not its okay

In summary, this all I have left:
-Fix bouncing betties not doing damage
-Fix game options missing background
-Fix dogs missing anim
-Because of solo-random character, Dempsey can sometimes be heard even when he's not in game, responding to other player actions (getting headshots)
-Richtofen gloves could still be better, but not the end of the world.
-Max ammo does not effect Flamethrower 
And a few more planned features:
-Add Radio #5 which was only found on the mobile version of Der Riese
-Make max ammos reset the flamethrower cooldown

Playerhand Preview (It has since been updated for Nikolai to be more accurate)

301 days ago
From default marine sleevs to:
    -Dempsey: viewmodel_hands_cloth_marine_bare (No changes, these are just the rolled up sleeve versions)
    -Nikolai: viewmodel_rus_guard_padded_arms (No change, looks like BO1)
    -Takeo: viewmodel_jap_infantry_arms (Japanese arms, but I need to recolorize texture to blue-grey)
    -Richtofen: viewmodel_hands_cloth_pbycrew (Recolorized black gloves, tan sleeves)

Anyone know how I can add this to my WaW Remastered mod? I'm unsure on two things:

-I need to edit the textures of 2 out of the 4 files, how can I get the texture file?
-How do I repackage the new textures into the playerhands?
-Then finally, how do I give each WaW character their own unique hands?
316 days ago
I am a beginner and I have gotten all the asset extracting tools, modding tools, maya tools, etc. I am wondering if anyone has any help on how to do this, because all guides online are only WaW to BO3, which has extra steps because of some changes in the way animations/hands work or something.
596 days ago
Root folder -> main/ iw_15/ sound/ SFX/ Levels/ zombie/ radio

I assume you know how to open the iw files but you can use winrar.
1209 days ago
Make a folder in your mods/ folder called "my_asylum_mod".
Extract text from zone/english/nazi_zombie_asylum.ff into a temp folder
Extract text from zone/english/nazi_zombie_asylum_patch.ff into the same temp folder
Copy and paste the extracted /maps folder into your "my_asylum_mod" folder.
Make an empty mod.csv in your "my_asylum_mod" folder
Open launcher and in the mod builder mod.csv section
Then in your nazi_zombie_asylum.gsc add the nambu weapon to "include_weapons()".

Check files, build mod, load the game, load your mod, then in console "map nazi_zombie_asylum" to load into the modded stock stock.
I did all those steps but didn't try the adding a weapon because I didn't quite undestand. Instead I tried replacing the Player 0 model with a different marine player model from campaign in the characters folder in my mod and when I compiled it said Everything Is Ok but when the map loaded it crashed back to the menu.

Also how do I get an empty mod.csv? I copied the one from /zone but I don't know if that works
1209 days ago
Before I start: I have all the mod tools and some other programs to work with ff and gsc files

I've been trying to add pack a punch, bo1 perks, and more weapons (WaW weapons that are already in the game, but not the map) to Verruckt.

How do I start this project? Are there any tutorials to help with this kind of modding because all I can find is mapping and nobody has made a tutorial on how to add perks to a stock map --but it is possible because I have seen a Natch remastered and Der Riese 2.0 with more.

Also, what tools and other resources could be helpful?
1210 days ago


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