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From default marine sleevs to:
    -Dempsey: viewmodel_hands_cloth_marine_bare (No changes, these are just the rolled up sleeve versions)
    -Nikolai: viewmodel_rus_guard_padded_arms (No change, looks like BO1)
    -Takeo: viewmodel_jap_infantry_arms (Japanese arms, but I need to recolorize texture to blue-grey)
    -Richtofen: viewmodel_hands_cloth_pbycrew (Recolorized black gloves, tan sleeves)

Anyone know how I can add this to my WaW Remastered mod? I'm unsure on two things:

-I need to edit the textures of 2 out of the 4 files, how can I get the texture file?
-How do I repackage the new textures into the playerhands?
-Then finally, how do I give each WaW character their own unique hands?
11 days ago
I am a beginner and I have gotten all the asset extracting tools, modding tools, maya tools, etc. I am wondering if anyone has any help on how to do this, because all guides online are only WaW to BO3, which has extra steps because of some changes in the way animations/hands work or something.
291 days ago
Root folder -> main/ iw_15/ sound/ SFX/ Levels/ zombie/ radio

I assume you know how to open the iw files but you can use winrar.
904 days ago
Make a folder in your mods/ folder called "my_asylum_mod".
Extract text from zone/english/nazi_zombie_asylum.ff into a temp folder
Extract text from zone/english/nazi_zombie_asylum_patch.ff into the same temp folder
Copy and paste the extracted /maps folder into your "my_asylum_mod" folder.
Make an empty mod.csv in your "my_asylum_mod" folder
Open launcher and in the mod builder mod.csv section
Then in your nazi_zombie_asylum.gsc add the nambu weapon to "include_weapons()".

Check files, build mod, load the game, load your mod, then in console "map nazi_zombie_asylum" to load into the modded stock stock.
I did all those steps but didn't try the adding a weapon because I didn't quite undestand. Instead I tried replacing the Player 0 model with a different marine player model from campaign in the characters folder in my mod and when I compiled it said Everything Is Ok but when the map loaded it crashed back to the menu.

Also how do I get an empty mod.csv? I copied the one from /zone but I don't know if that works
904 days ago
Before I start: I have all the mod tools and some other programs to work with ff and gsc files

I've been trying to add pack a punch, bo1 perks, and more weapons (WaW weapons that are already in the game, but not the map) to Verruckt.

How do I start this project? Are there any tutorials to help with this kind of modding because all I can find is mapping and nobody has made a tutorial on how to add perks to a stock map --but it is possible because I have seen a Natch remastered and Der Riese 2.0 with more.

Also, what tools and other resources could be helpful?
905 days ago


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