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Messages - John_Banana

I added easter egg items to my mod this might be useful if you want to have an item show up in the bottom right corner
Code: cpp
// First, you need to run the function wherever you want (like in another function when a player buys something or picks something up) and you can do that with:

    player item_hud_create("NAME_OF_TEXTURE");

// then just put the rest at the bottom of your script:

        shader = item_texture;
        self.item_hud = create_simple_hud( self );
        self.item_hud.foreground = true;
        self.item_hud.sort = 2;
        self.item_hud.hidewheninmenu = false;
        self.item_hud.alignX = "center";
        self.item_hud.alignY = "bottom";
        self.item_hud.horzAlign = "right";
        self.item_hud.vertAlign = "bottom";
        self.item_hud.x = -230;
        self.item_hud.y = -1;
        self.item_hud.alpha = 1;
        self.item_hudSetShader( shader, 32, 32 );

        self thread item_hud_remove();

    level waittill_any( "end_game", "PUT_OTHER_NOTIFY_HERE_IF_U_WANT" );
    self.item_hud destroy_hud();
    self.item_hud = undefined;


11 days ago
Is the Springfield fixed in this mod? as well as the UV texture for the revolver?
What do you mean by fixed? The stats being overly weak?  They've been adjusted, but it's still worse than the Kar on purpose. The model? The gaps are gone but the iron sights are the same
The UV mapping on the 357 looks good to me nothing misaligned
4 weeks ago
World at war is notorious for always crashing when you try to alt tab, but after some quick testing it appears to work as expected on my end. Only recent changes to Der Riese are small script tweaks and the updated HD font.
So without any more details, a DirectX error could be a bunch of different things  unrelated to mod, I'd suggest trying to avoid alt tabbing or entering the following console command so that you can have borderless fullscreen and alt tab with ease. Or try playing the old version of the mod and see if the error happens too
r_fullscreen 0;vid_xpos 0;vid_ypos 0;r_noborder 1;vid_restart

2 months ago
Yes had to do some work on it.
All 4 maps are back online & ready to go, also check the OP for a new installation guide & all in one link, which also includes desktop shortcuts to run the mod with ease.
Shi No Numa easter egg has been heavily updated, not only does it work with all player sizes, but there are more steps, more items/animations, and a better experience
2 months ago
Hey, make sure to install T4M. All you have to do is drag & drop the .dll file into your World at War folder
3 months ago


  • Supplied are the 6 above shaders and 2 options for the gamefont
    • Option 1: FULL HD - 1024 x 1024 upscale
    • Option 2: HD BLUR - 1024 x 1024 upscale w/ slight blur applied so the font is not "too high quality" and will still fit in with other WaW assets. However, it will still look way better than the original
    • Depending on which one you choose, make sure you correct the filename so it is just "gamefonts_pc.iwi"

  • Drag & drop into "images" folder of any World at War custom zombies map or mod and the textures will automatically be replaced
  • Make sure to leave appropriate credit if used in a released mod or map

  • Original upscaled perk & powerup shaders were created by user Fusorf
    • 2x Double Points updated with official font (Tahoma Bold)
    • All 4 of his perks were modified to match original WaW look (especialy Speed Cola)
  • WaW font (ITC Legacy Bold)
    • Original 512 x 512 font file was upscaled using Gigapixel​ AI that was trained for text (done by user Embis), then downscaled to only x2 (1024 x 1024), and manually corrected for any minor artifacts/errors

3 months ago
Well you're still doing something wrong if it's not working. Follow the installation steps, open the game, then in the Mods section select the map you want and click Launch.  Or maybe you're putting it in the wrong mods folder if you're using an unofficial third party launcher
4 months ago
Code: cpp
    level thread level_start_vox();
in your nazi_zombie_mapname.gsc  main() function
Then paste this in at the bottom:
Code: cpp
    wait( 5 );
    players = get_players();

    for( i = 0; i < players.size; i++ )
        players[i].has_talked = 0;
            zombies = getaiarray("axis" );
            close_zombies = get_array_of_closest( players[i].origin, zombies, undefined, undefined, 600 );
            for( j = 0; j < zombies.size; j++ )
                if ( (players[i] IsLookingAt(zombies[j]) || close_zombies.size > 0 || players[i].score_total > 500) && players[i].has_talked == 0 )
                    players[i].has_talked = 1;
                    index = maps\_zombiemode_weapons::get_player_index( players[i] );
                    plr = "plr_" + index + "_";
                    players[i] thread create_and_play_dialog( plr, "vox_level_start", 0.25 );
            if(players[i].has_talked == 1)
- You can easily change the cooldown at the start, I put it at 5 seconds so the intro sounds start to finish before the player can talk
- This code also has 2 fallbacks in case IsLookingAt doesn't activate, even if you look at a zombie (it happens). First it checks if there is a close proximity zomb, and then it also checks if you have gained score (damaged a zombie), either way, it will force the dialogue so it feels natural when you see a zombie
- I think the classic Der Riese "we need to turn the power on" is getting a bit old eh? There's lots of cool un-used VOX that could work here, like the characters saying "Here they come" or "incoming" etc.
5 months ago
Thanks! Unfortunately I won't bring back safe area it's not just a dvar, it's probably in the UI menu files so a lot more work to get it functional on pc
5 months ago
New update for all 3 maps is out, same links in the thread as always:
- New functionality for Achievements
- New menu items and a few more settings (LOD setting, super sprinters on Nacht, character dialogue, updated controller support)
- Splash damage has been re-written, it's not as nerfed as vanilla Der Riese but not as harsh as Nacht
- Occasional helmets on Der Riese and Shi No Numa
- Plenty more bug fixes and things polished, I gave up documenting every change for a while
And if you missed it, Nacht Der Untoten has already been released; the cool thing with it is the new set of Marine voiceover
5 months ago
Try this one
Or maybe this is the one you are thinking of but it was created for Multiplayer not SP, so there's some unnecessary changes and solo scoreboard stopped working. The one I linked above is just a quick fork I made; same as r45 but with LAN fixed & re-enabled the WaW intro video. Lmk if there's any issues first time doing something like this
6 months ago
Even easier, you can literally just copy the code from any activated easter egg song and change the requirements from 3 to 30.
6 months ago
Look in nazi_zombie_sumpf and check for the meteor_trigger() function. This is how a basic "damage trigger" looks like. You can see that they have it set so you can only activate the trigger if you're within a certain distance (maybe so you don't accidently shoot it from across the map) but you can easily remove that. The trigger is an ent spawned in radiant that the function grabs, then waits for a player to damage it, and then does something (which in this case threads a voiceover function, which is where you could thread the next shootable trigger function or change any variables you may want i.e. level.steps_completed= 1 etc etc).
Triggers are always in "while" loops but you can remove the outter "for" loop because that makes it so it runs separatly for each player. You probably want it so once a player shoots it, then that step is completed and no one can shoot it. Or look at the Fly Trap easter egg. That one's interesting because it might help you more once you understand the basic trigger in sumpf. It starts with one trigger, that leads to 3 more being created, and then once all 3 are shot then something happens.
6 months ago
Just want to share some things
If you're sending me a 6 paragraph essay about how I'm killing the feel of WaW where you want me to cut 90% of my changes in these mods, and then playing it off with "it's just a suggestion bro" then I'm not going to consider it, I'm busy trying to actually make something cool here.
I have tried my best to be very faithful to the spirit of WaW and what Treyarch would do if they were in my shoes. But this mod gives me an opportunity to expand and polish the game that I love, what fun would it be to just fix the Wunderwaffe glitch and call it a day, with so many other bugs & stones left unturned? That would be boring, I want this project to be more than that. However, when my changes do cross the line of heavily altering gameplay (sticky zombies, 24+ zombies on solo), then I always add in a toggle setting so you can revert back to normal. If you feel like it would be benifical to add more settings then that would also be a fine suggestion.
But if you're messaging me that it's too dramatic of a change to add screenshaking fx to repairing barriers or matching backwards movement speed to the console version, then this mod isn't for you.
That is all, for anyone that has actual suggestions then please continue as you all have. I've just finished the Marine voiceover for Nacht (which yes, will have a setting to disable) and I'm really excited to share it, for now here is a sheet if you want to read about all the new lines.
6 months ago
i've got a bug when i load shi no numa after 3 seconds it sounds the crash sound and i can't do anything, only restart my pc manually
Make sure you installed it correctly, it can be a bit confusing because each map is its own mod and needs to be in the correct directory
6 months ago
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