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Guess I'll just bump this again  :P
617 days ago
Thanks again for the help, this should certainly help me in the future. However, with my script, I'm still getting a fatal error whenever I load up the map. I think it may have something to do with my trigger thread. Wanna take a look?

617 days ago
There isn't a notify for when all the doors have been activated, but you can count each time a door is opened and once the count is greater than or equal to the amount of doors in the world then all doors hav...
619 days ago
Anybody out there?
620 days ago
Hey, so with an easter egg I'm trying to script, I'm trying to get it the script to wait until all doors/areas on the map are open until it begins. I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be set as a flag_wait(); but I'm not exactly sure what to put for what it should be waiting fo...
621 days ago
Hey everyone! So as part of my BO mod, I'm hoping to add the Engineer Zombie boss to Kino Der Toten, as what was at one point considered for the map. However, I'm running into trouble with getting him to actually spawn in on the level. Let me try to run down everything I've done so fa...
621 days ago


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