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Tried replaying it today, and cant get to the plane.

Ride the plain on the fake ending, fight the boss and beat it. Then I walk up the stairs and back at PAP room instead of plane.

One thing I remember I did that might trigger this error is that, before going to the plane, you need to shoot the red lamp and use the switch. Instead, I use the switch before shooting the red lamp.

Is this a known bug?

It's not a bug after climbing the ladder you should look around the buildable shield area, then you'll find a part...
516 days ago
Jeeze man. 2-3 years and still getting updates? your a trooper :D

Long time I did the update for myself but I never shared it so why not!
524 days ago
2018 update:


-Earthquake actions
-Clocks revisited
-Rare glitch with the well (wait statement -0.1) (coop)
-Clip fixed near the elevator

-New step with the ball (avoid to camp)
-Rare glitch with the final chairs (players stuck, coop only)
-New step ending
-Action double doors removed (scripted,blood room)

-Elements added

-Plane lock and unlock weapons
-Courtyard portals

-Olympia cost
-Elevator cost
-Plane weapons
-Numbers action

-Clips and textures (prison room)
-Well added
-Script structure removed (fx and sound, scripted only
525 days ago
You should try this one

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

and rename the hallway_zone on the top by hallway_zone2 with the right kvp zone/door in Radiant.
647 days ago
no I don't have any  other error, and I have 2910 brushes

Double Post Merge: June 22, 2017, 12:47:43 pm
oh so problem is that I have many brushes inside each other, am I right?

Yes that's the problem  ;)
848 days ago
Max cell exceeded = Z-fighting error

for example:

bad brushes:

good brushes (No Z-fighting error) :

more about Z-fighting >
848 days ago
Hey ive been trying to download this map but whenever it finishes and i try to open it it says that it doesnt have a program associated with it. please help.

Open the file with winrar >
1177 days ago
If France won the EURO 2016, you update the map with t4m. It´s a deal?  ;)

BSP limits

t4m doesn't affect the brush geometry.
1197 days ago
Hi, I thought the map was great, but thought that mule kick or something should be added as by round 19-20ish weapons are either ineffective against Brutus or don't have enough ammo, good job, keep it up.
(Image removed from quote.)

I can't add more perks, perks = trigger ,ents and brush If I added 2 or 3 brushes the map will crash when I compile it, this is not a problem with t4m, images,ents etc... even I hit these limits ,but it's a bsp limits .
1197 days ago
Pretty much had 0 effect on brutus.

Weird you can shoot him and kill him quickly with the mors upgraded.
1205 days ago
Found all 3 on first playthrough. All by accident. Was pressing shit to find hidden buttons in pap area and it replaced my blundergat :( The 2500 I thought was a glitch because I didn't understand why it was happening and the blundergat wasn't tough to find when you explore like I do :D

Really great additions that gave the map some extra "boost," but would you please increase the damage or ammo count on the mors? It seems so weak :(

Did you pap it ?
1205 days ago
I found the MORS, was trying to look for EE ending and found it by accident :lol:

lucky you, free mors only happen when you hit the 4 clocks ;) and spawn... you know where ^^!
1205 days ago
Nobody found the free blundergat ,free mors and 2500 bonus points ?  :)
1205 days ago
The map has been updated !


-plane (players collider in coop)
-rare glitch after took the gaz part (no jump and run)
-mak (key, acidkit, shield) after won the game
-ents transporter

Google drive and mediafire link coming soon.
1207 days ago


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