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that i actually dont know, none of the times i played anyone died unless it was game over lol

but for the door, pretty sure "that one" isnt the axe, its something else ;)

1830 days ago
your warm ;)

Ok, now we got through the "Mysterious force" door but then my friend who had the axe to open the next door died. We searched for another axe for 1 hour and didn't fi...
1830 days ago
After getting the Hell's Retrievers and open up the Pack a Punch, i'm stuck. Got to round 25 with a friend but can't figure out how to continue. We saw the statues had a white beam of light over them but then it's gone. The fire ball doesn't give any clue anymore. How do i o...
1830 days ago
You talking about near spawn? you need the axe to break it down if so, look around , it is there.

No, i mean the one after that, on the Honey Badger area.
1831 days ago
Amazing map, congratulations.

Couldn't find a way to open the "mysterious force" door. Any hint?
1831 days ago
Great map. Love the weapons. I would remove the acid weapon and the Scavenger, though, they make the game too easy. We are playing coop without using them.
1846 days ago


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