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that i actually dont know, none of the times i played anyone died unless it was game over lol

but for the door, pretty sure "that one" isnt the axe, its something else ;)

You mean the door that says we need a tool to open can be opened with other tool and not an axe?
1835 days ago
your warm ;)

Ok, now we got through the "Mysterious force" door but then my friend who had the axe to open the next door died. We searched for another axe for 1 hour and didn't find it. So how am i supposed to open that door after the "Mysterious force" door if we can't find another axe?
1835 days ago
After getting the Hell's Retrievers and open up the Pack a Punch, i'm stuck. Got to round 25 with a friend but can't figure out how to continue. We saw the statues had a white beam of light over them but then it's gone. The fire ball doesn't give any clue anymore. How do i open the door that says "A mysterious force..."? Do i need a Gravity bomb to shoot the statues? We only get trash from the box. I'm lost.
1835 days ago
You talking about near spawn? you need the axe to break it down if so, look around , it is there.

No, i mean the one after that, on the Honey Badger area.
1836 days ago
Amazing map, congratulations.

Couldn't find a way to open the "mysterious force" door. Any hint?
1836 days ago
Great map. Love the weapons. I would remove the acid weapon and the Scavenger, though, they make the game too easy. We are playing coop without using them.
1851 days ago
Thanks HitmanVere, gonna try the update tonight.
1864 days ago
Waiting for the update so we can play coop.
1865 days ago
So, we have to die to be able to go back to the start area and get jugger?
1868 days ago
Map is bugged, at least in coop. Can't revive others, F doesn't show when someone is down.
1868 days ago
Great map, one of the best i've played. Congrats.
2213 days ago
Whats the name of your new map? Where can i download it?

2279 days ago
Nice map but i can't complete the easter egg because the train always runs over the napalm zombie and then the game crashes with that error. Please try to fix that.
Another bug is i (the host) can't use the wonderfizz perk machine but my friend can, why is that?
There are also boss zombies that one player sees but are invisible to the other player.
2287 days ago
As someone said before, i also can't find the number 5 (found 1 to 6 except 5). Are you sure it is there?
Also some weapons sound silenced to us but other people hear them very loud (like PDW or M24).
Found all soul boxes and got the Rayguns, but couldn't find the endind (think i need the 5 number for that).
2292 days ago

I can't figure out how to open the teleport door. I got the key, inserted and turned it on the lock, then got a weird thing coming up on the Stamin-up room, but the door to the teleport stays closed and i died on round 16 trying to find out to open it. What am i missing?

2351 days ago


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