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broken avatar :(
Created 13 days ago
by itzz_7sn
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broken avatar :(
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so i was trying to make an electric trap using this script (_zombiemode_traps.gsc) and every thing seems to be working fine except for the "zapper" fx, although the damage fx and other sounds are working, i figure is something to do with (script_string) because i don't completely sure what it used for or how to use it.
edit: turns out you must add in your "clientscripts\" file, under this line
level thread clientscripts\_zombiemode::init_perk_machines_fx();
add this line
level thread trap_fx_monitor( "struct_targetname", "script_string", "trap_type" );
level thread trap_fx_monitor( "elec_trap", "e1", "electric" );
then it should work as intended  :+1:
Last Edit: June 20, 2022, 07:03:21 pm by itzz_7sn

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