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Well, here is a tutorial about zoning ---> be carefull you don't do      //   before zone lines because it will ignore that line and of course the zone won't work. 
3 days ago
Any image? 
4 days ago
I dont have any idea but just try to select the patch and click ctrl + I because maybe is inverted(I don't think so). Anyway just create a new, patch, simple terrain patch, apply the texture, if it doesn't appear click ctrl + I. You should post any image btw, it's better, also maybe you have disabled any option in radiant  but I don't really know what to say for now. 
14 days ago
Scripts are always located in maps  folder.  Scripts of your mod are located in codwaw/mods/mapname/maps  but all scripts are located in codwaw/raw/maps When you downlaod a weapon it must have some scripts too, anyway do these steps to install a custom weapon```
Adding weapons to cod waw
1.Copy al folders on the weapon files except soundaliases,weapons and paste them in raw
2.Copy the images folder into your mods folder
3.Go to weapons file)in the weapon folder) copy the files there and paste them in mods/mapname/weaposn/sp
4.Go to _zombiemode_weapons in raw/maps/ scroll down untill you find init_weapons()  and there just put your weapons - u can copy 2 lines of the default weapons
    and just replace the name and after tht copy the file in your mods/maps/
5.Go to DLC3_code and scroll down till it says include_weapon....... and include your eapon there- u can do this same as step4 just copy 2 lines there and replace te name with the name of your weapon and then save dlc3_code to your mods/maps/
6.Open Radiant and go to mod builder tab an check all the new images there and after that in fastfile mod.csv include the code that u already have in the weapon folder
7.Copy the soundalias file inclided in the downlaoded weapon folder and copy that in raw/soundalsiases
8.Build the mod,Done. ```
22 days ago
If you are  a beginner you will need this too  --> just for that Verruckt map, it is a .map file there on map source mp if im not wrong, it's a multiplayer map, you can copy all what you need and paste it in a blank map. Then add by yourself the other stuff that is left!!!!
22 days ago
Well, you need that script there, the script must be in the downlaoded weapon files, then put it in codwaw/raw/maps and also codwaw/mods/mapname/maps
25 days ago
i am nab at scripting, you can try this 
item_pickup_trig waittill("trigger");  But what i was really wondering is that, in your map in radiant is it misc_model or script_model, it should be script_model as far as i know. That's what can i suggest right now, hope you solve it.
30 days ago
:thinking_face: :thinking_face: Give more information, and any Screenshot if it's possible.
30 days ago
np man, just keep it always on admin mode, but still i dont know what actually does cause this error :thinking_face: because it always happens to me, even if i would format the entire laptop, but anyway as long as the admin mode fixes it we gonna be fine i guess :shrug:
30 days ago
Ahhahahaha haha this shit stupid error, it happens to me always, right click on launcher and compability, run as an admin. Idk if it will work for you but with me works always. 
30 days ago
I have never got that error but what i can suggest is that on script placer you can try to create a new map, click it on a "CUSTOM" map, then go and choose your actual map. Then convert it again and see if you do get the error again.
37 days ago
As  @gympie6  said, try to put that file on raw/maps, it might work.
37 days ago
So i was assuming this is the sketch of your map -->
Now ur in the spawning area. U have 2 doors to open eahch of them represents another zone, zone2 and zone3. After u enter zone 2 u go to zone4, also if u open zone 3 u can go to the 5th zone. U said that the 5th zone has 2 adjacent zones so, when ur in the 5th zone u can open zone 3 or zone 4 since there are 2 adjacent's. Now let suppose that from zone 4 u went to zone 5. From there u want to go to zone 3. then U have typed add_adjacent_zone( "fifth_zone",                "third_zone",           "enter_third_zone" );But let suppose ur in zone 3 and u opened zone 5. U said that zone 5 has 2 adjacents for each zone(zone3, and zone4).Now when we were at the 5th zone and wanted to jump in 3rd zone, it was linked with 1 dor( 1 trigger) which we used it. But going from zone 3 to zone 5 i dont think will work cuz we used that trigger and as far as i know in the trigger u can put only 1 time - script_flag  - enter_zonename. Now i cant say anything for sure(maybe im too dumb and i cant understand ur situation too) but just make sure check the zones correctly. I would also suggest you to put 2 more doors or debris which are linked with the 5th zone. IDK how clear i was :joy: but anyway if u need help just DM me. Also would be better if u post an image like i did just to know.
69 days ago


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