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Well, if you're looking for the full game and you don't have it on steam, simply download games from

CoD WaW Full Game   --->
(btw sometimes some mods don't work, on the meaning that it's not the game files problem)
8 hours ago
Well, you need to do another step if the barrier where zombies are supposed to go through don't have an actual barrier board.
5 days ago
Make sure you also set up the correct root directory of the game in script placer
5 days ago
I am having the same problem, someone told me to RIP them(Wraith or any other program) from a map which has already these perks.
7 days ago
Well, i've had some troubles with muzzleflashes and someone told me that i have missing images, but i don't know how to find the specific images for muzzleflashes. If someone could help me it would be great. Thanks in advance !!!
53 days ago
I am getting a weird error message in my console after I build my map.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
For some reason it looks like level.flag isn't initialized, but I don't know how this would be possible considered that it should be initialized within the official scripts, as opposed to my own.  I assume this means that
flag_init() // found within raw\commom_scripts\utility.gsc
is never called for some reason.  I am trying to revive an old map of mine so I am a little rusty.
 Try to run it without developer
104 days ago
I need some help with 2 things1) Let's suppose i know how to install custom chars and i also have the audio files for voice covers. How do i install them?2) i've seen on scripts that for example they also call some audio except the main part. For example ``trigger playsound("cha_ching");`` Where can i find the file of these sounds? i think it's called SFX but i looked and found nothing. I appreciate any good suggestion.
107 days ago
Dude, we are not inventing another nuclear bomb, we are just following this tutorial --->
111 days ago
Man, i know why they don't walk! If you click on ugx script placer and create a setup map, when you go on radiant and open the map you will have there 2 zombie characters. The problem is that 1 of them is just a riser. He just needs to be in the zone  but a riser has it's script_structs and zombie risers will spawn from that struct only. Gympie sent the image but he got the riser image. So the kvps are script_noteworthy - zombie_spawner  ,  count - 9999,          spawnflags - 3,        script_forcespawn  - 1,        targetname - `zonename`_spawners 
that's it, no need for that script_string - riser kvp
111 days ago
As the title says i get the 400fx error. It would be great if someone has a solution about it because i tried a lot of things. you want more screenshots or sth else just write it on the comments. 
The whole reason of this is to make my map to run without t4m.
112 days ago
Try to install t4m, maybe it fixes it. 
119 days ago
Thanks for the reply, but I posted this a while back when I didn't know much about radiant or modding. I still haven't even bothered with bo1 radiant yet though. I might try it one day. :) 

Also, if I ever get around to it, I'm sure I could just take the default texture from waw and use it for bo1
I captured this from bo1 radiant but yeah, that's the default image and if you take a close look the name is same as you mentioned ---> the defaut image of cod waw is exact same
119 days ago
I don't know a lot about bo1 but as far as I know materials are images. And if you remember default material replaces any material if the one you used is missing. For example you can use a custom texture and you include it on images folder. But let say you want to test it what happens if you delete that image. When you go in game it will load the default image to replace the one that you used. Now I do not know all things so maybe I'm wrong but what can I suggest is that you can create your own default image if you're missing it. I learned this from a comment on YouTube. I do not know how to add a co-op image for a loading screen let say, so they will use the default image(that grey 1 that sucks). But i just created my default one and it replaced all of them even when I pause the game it has the image. I repeat: I don't know this for sure, and yeah I know it's a bit late to reply but I did because someone might want to know this!! :P
119 days ago
As for the pathnodes i can say that you need to put them with a bit distance from each other and other things too such as brushes or models for the window on the 2nd floor, isn't it a bit small? can't say it for sure but also the roof does look like a bit sloped.
121 days ago
Nice , but another suggestion i would give is that ``try sometimes to install t4m``. Some people have had this trouble recently and i noticed that they don't even know what's t4m. Anyway do this if you still have any other trouble. It's just a small file at all. You can move it back or remove it whenever you want :P

122 days ago


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