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    trig = GetEnt( "toilet_trig","targetname" );

    num = 0;

    trig SetHintString( "" );
    trig SetCursorHint( "HINT_NOICON" );
    trig UseTriggerRequireLookAt();

    while (true)
        trig waittill( "trigger", player );
        trig disable_trigger();
        PlaySoundAtPosition( "toilet_flush", trig.origin );

        num = num + 1;
        wait 4;

        trig enable_trigger();

        // This goes true for one time
        if ( num == 3)
            player PlaySound( "cha_ching" );
            trig Delete();
            players = get_players();
            for (i = 0; i == players.size; i++)
               players[i] PlaySound( "verruckt_sound" );
Almost :)
 Well, yeah, you're way more experienced then me anyway XD, but thanks anyways, it has a ton of different ways to script same thing at all :p , but they worked fine when i tested them!
1 day ago
This looks like a great tutorial but I have a few questions about this.
  • This while loop is infinite waiting for you to press the trigger. Maybe you want to end the loop after the task is done?
  • Num = num + 1 is also num++
  • From my experience "PlaySound" is a person function. So I think you have to do this in a forloop? players PlaySound("your sound");
  • Players = get_Players() is not necessary inside the while loop. The player count is not going to change.
  • The easteregg songs are not called with the function "PlaySound" but it does the trick. Now you are still able to hear the round sounds and other stuff.
Code: cpp

trig = GetEnt( "toilet_trig","targetname" );

num = 0;

trig SetHintString( "" );
trig SetCursorHint( "HINT_NOICON" );
trig UseTriggerRequireLookAt(  );

trig  waittill( "trigger", player );
PlaySoundAtPosition( "toilet_flush", trig.origin);
num = num + 1;
trig disable_trigger(  );
wait 4;
trig enable_trigger(  );
if( num == 3)
player PlaySound( "cha_ching" );
trig Delete(  );
player PlaySound( "verruckt_sound" );
num = num + 1;  looks cooler imo  :p 
2 days ago
1. Go in radiant and place  a trigger/use , select it, press N and give it the following KVP
Done with radiant.

2. Get two sounds, the first sound for the toilet flush sound, and the second sound for the actual song you want to play for your
easter egg. After you convert them in Audacity(or whatever you use to convert your sounds), and after you have included them in your mapname
(literally when you've finished adding your sounds) open your
CoD WaW Root/mods/ YOUR MAP NAME/maps/ YOUR MAP NAME.gsc

3. Go to the bottom of that file, copy the code below and paste it
Code: cpp
trig = GetEnt( "toilet_trig","targetname" );

num = 0;

trig SetHintString( "" );
trig SetCursorHint( "HINT_NOICON" );
trig UseTriggerRequireLookAt(  );

while( true )
players = get_players(  );
trig  waittill( "trigger", players );
PlaySoundAtPosition( "toilet_flush", trig.origin);
num = num + 1;
trig disable_trigger(  );
wait 4;
trig enable_trigger(  );
if( num == 3) 
players PlaySound( "cha_ching" );
trig Delete(  );
players PlaySound( "verruckt_sound" );

trig SetHintString( "" );  you can put a Hint String inside the brackets if you want EX: Press and old &&1 to press the toilet button

trig SetCursorHint( "HINT_NOICON" );  you can remove this line and the default HAND ICON will appear when you're near the trigger

PlaySoundAtPosition( "toilet_flush", trig.origin); change the toilet_flush to the name of your flush sound alias

wait 4; put the length of your flush sound here

if( num == 3)  change the 3 to the number of how many times you want the player to press the trigger in order to play the sound

players PlaySound( "verruckt_sound" ); change the verruckt_sound to the name of the soundalias of the song you want to play
4. Then scroll up until you find FUNCTION CALLS PRE-LOAD and paste this line underneath
thread toilet_flush();
5. Save the file, build your mod, compile the map and DONE. Go in game and check if it worked.
NOTE: It doesn't mean that it has to be a trigger/use, it could be a trigger damage instead, but since in verruckt it is a trigger use
i did the same for the sake of this tutorial. No need for any credit anyway.
 Well, that's it, worked fine for me, should do the same with you.
How to add custom sounds on your map ---->
4 days ago
I've recently gotten my friend Cod Waw and had him install some custom zombie maps off of ZombieModding and other sites without the UGX Map Manager or  The Official UGX Maps. I've personally had the UGX Map Manager for a while; when I played with him when I had it installed and he didn't, he was able to join my lobby and start the game with me. But once I had him install the Map Manager, and had him try to join my lobby for the first time after that installation, he was unable to join and kept getting the Session No Longer Available Error however many times he tried. I've also had this happen with others in the past when they installed it and we all had pretty good connections. Would anyone happen to know a fix? (I'm sort of guessing re-installation of the Map Manager might help if anything else won't work.)
i recorded a video about this a week ago i think, since most of members on my discord play with VPN, becuse they have a free copy of the game and not on steam, and they were haveing same shit problem, i hope this fixes your problem   --->
If you don't want to bother watching a 10min video, just check the descriptions because i wrote the fixes step by step!
23 days ago
First off, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post it so sorry xD. It's my first time posting.

My problem is that zombies spawn way too slow on my map. I was wondering if the speed of their spawning can be increased and if so how?
 I am pretty sure that there's a tutorial for making zombies to spring on round 1, just look for it.
23 days ago
Better Minions than Kitties xD

Double Post Merge: October 23, 2019, 03:59:12 pm

When i launch the map, console opens showing me an error

"Can't load buildable_panel_shader" or something like that
 Well,   i don't know if you use Launcher to make cod waw custom maps or not, but i've realised that, the error that you mentioned is caused always when i try to follow a tutorial about main menu here on UGX(weird but i randomly found that) and i was getting same error on my custom maps even that i didn't even install that menu thing. You might get that error if you're launching the map from ``LAUNCHER`` of cod waw mod tools, but in case if you're not, try to restart your game, i randomly found this fix too, the map works fine, and i tested it yesterday with my friend, but yeh, this is the link of the zip file of the map just in case   --->!YJ0kXYhA!BskJ9kECJaNLg2KGC-_grVjUm4JhQdOK5xmLTGcnei8
23 days ago
I hate minions too much to donwload this, even though it looks like fun.
 Lmaoooo, i just didn't wanted to use kitties and i used minions instead, kitties are kinda gay XDDDDDDDDDD
24 days ago
                           Minions by k3nt
A bit of description

The map indeed is just a small to medium map. You have some cool features aswell a buyable ending. The idea of the map came from my friends, since i remember that we used to spend a lot of time playing Hello Kitty Remastered(another custom map for waw), but it has so many glitches, so i just did a similar map to that for us to play. It is a challenging map(at least some of my friends say that)  and it worths to try. The map indeed wasn't meant to be public but yeah, in the end they said why not.Hope you enjoy it!!!

                                                                                                                                               ZIP FILE

UPDATED [28.10.2019]
-Removed buildable power switch(the script i was using from ZK did not include sounds, and it kinda sux )
-Removed Dolphin Dive(it was a very cool feature but i found a bug that could crash the whole game -
-Added another song radio
-Added another small easter egg
-Added Scavenger
-Added the playable area trig(on my last compile i deleted the trigger of powerups and forgot to put it back)
-Fixed the damage script on the PaP area

-No custom perks(sorry for that, but many of glitches come by the custom perks)
-A bunch of yellow
-Moon Style Teleport
-Bo3 style powerup fx
-Randomized Jugg and Speed Cola
-Song and radio easter eggs
-Custom Weapons( waw, bo1, bo2, bo3)
-Custom Skins of Zombies
-Buildable Satchel Charge
-Buildable Mystery Box
-A few Easter Eggs
-Buyable Ending(100k cost)
-Kino Style Entranec(the electricity fx)
-Custom Round Sounds
-Zombie Napalm
-Does not require t4m
(Also powerups can spawn through the barriers if you kill zombies, i left it on purpose :P)


El Ricos - weapons files
DamianoTBM - weapon installation and weapon errors
Rorke - fixing some dumbshit errors from radiant
Bad Boy17 - general help
Cpt Johnson1 - general help
MiKeY - general and scripting help
Ice Granade - scriting support
Symbo - scripting support
HitmanVere - for fixing a script of mine
Killjoy - scripting support
Henok - finding a mistake on 1 of my scripts
Gympie5 - general and scripting support
Special thanks to Cpt Johnson1, DamianoTBM, Rorke and Bad Boy17 for being helpful all the time in case i needed help or something similar
And Also
UGX ZM CCM and Zomb1e-kllr for their awesome tutorials!!!
-Silver-Eyed Warrior

24 days ago
On the script placer go to options/ select root directory
If you have the game on steam  this is the directory - C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Call of Duty World at War
If you have a free downloaded copy of the game - 
C:\Program Files (x86)\Activision\Call of Duty - World at War   //this is the directory usually, but it depends where you download it, you can find the root directory of cod waw by right clicking on the icon on the desktiop and then click open file location. That's the root directory of cod waw.

If you want the Launcher location, it is located in the bin folder of the root directory.
If you want the mods location, they are located on - C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME\AppData\Local\Activision\CoDWaW\mods
32 days ago
wanna join  my discord server for waw? add me if you want on discord k3nt#2852 or steam k3nt
69 days ago
Well, if you're looking for the full game and you don't have it on steam, simply download games from

CoD WaW Full Game   --->
(btw sometimes some mods don't work, on the meaning that it's not the game files problem)
83 days ago
Well, you need to do another step if the barrier where zombies are supposed to go through don't have an actual barrier board.
88 days ago
Make sure you also set up the correct root directory of the game in script placer
88 days ago
I am having the same problem, someone told me to RIP them(Wraith or any other program) from a map which has already these perks.
90 days ago


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