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What the fuck is this shit?!
1 year ago
After playing this mod for about 20 hours, mostly on der riese, would like to write a feedback, starting with bugs:
- A lot of sounds are missing on Der Riese, mostly Samantha speech, especially the one related to easter eggs. When throwing monkeybomb in to oven and "let's play hide and seek!" along all the lines related when you find the hidden toys.
- Teddy bear in dog container spawns before EE is activated, and cannot be destroyed during EE, although it's already was mentioned in changelog.
- The 30,000 points spent, 10 amount of weapons shared and probably some other challenges don't update their number with progression unlike the rest of challenges on the challenge board.
Now regarding the balance itself:
- The bonuses are a bit too scarce, I feel like in vanila they drop far more often especially on early rounds, at least in waw for sure. Here, despite how many of the new bonuses been added, they are a bit too damn rare.
- The flamethrower is underpowered, even in regards to vanila from waw (which wasn't very good either) - the pap version should have at the very least the decreased cooldown time, just like the original pap version of flamethrower from waw.
Now that we have Bandolier Bandit perk, any bullet spaming weapon is a straight upgrade to flamethrower, since flamethrower now just lost it's vital point in obtaining as it was ammo-free weapon to use which was useful on very late rounds where there is not enough ammo to survive high rounds, which means flamethrower would need other compensates like higher damage for that.
- The bottle bonus perk is a downside. Whenever I accidently pick a bottle bonus perk, I end up getting some worthless garbage perk and wasting an useful perk slot that I would use for something that would save my life like speed cola, jug or revive\who's who. Considering how rare it is, and the fact that it's the only source to get some very useful perks like Bandolier Bandit, it's not a good to force the player to avoid getting this bonus item as it often leads to game over to player. The bottle\perk bonus item should come with extra perk slot increase as an absolute necessity.
- Having to do 4 challenges, getting 50k AND survive 10 rounds ahead is a bit too much, especially if each of the player must buy challenges and beat individually just to be able to purchase the 50k start of the ending waves. I end up activating the 50k thing on wave 41, so the "You Win!" good ending would be only possible on wave 51, and each wave took like 30 minutes to beat, so at wave 46 we got tired so much an random teleporter zombie got us, we spent like 7 hours to beat a single map and fail at the end, we didn't had time to beat it anyway as some of us had to go to work soon.
I don't know how I feel about it, imho instead of completing extra 10 waves as something mandatory - it should just let us win next wave if enough players "vote" for it. And by vote - the players could just click on the challenge board and if all the players click on it, we are granted the Victory if we complete the current wave.
EDIT: Now that I think about it... Completing the map's main easter egg (or full easter eggs, including all radios, map's music, and all clickable items such as illuminati letters, etc) should allow the players to be able to skip the challenge and\or the 50k purchase\10 waves all together. This would encourage to play the maps for the storyline rather than just getting lots of point and very high wave and thus waste too much of valuable time for that. Perhaps you would still need to do 4 challenges, but after that the players should just be able to vote for the Victory. So either completing main\all easter eggs of map, or save 50k of points.
I haven't tested throughout all the other maps yet to give proper feedbacks, but I spend way too much time on der riese to know that these are the issues for sure.
We don't care about your opinion. Thanks!
1 year ago
Not sure if theres a script called _dds.gsc but you can try putting
Code Snippet
if( IsDefined({
    // put the for loop in here
before the loop
1 year ago
Code Snippet
    radio = GetEnt("radio", "targetname");
    trigger = GetEnt("radio_trigger", "targetname");
    trigger waittill("trigger");
    radio PlaySound("random_sound");
    trigger Delete();
It's been over a year since i havent touched anything modding related lol, but i think this script is all you need to play a random sound that you have. In radiant just make a script mode and give it a key "targetname" and value "radio". Make trigger use, give it a "radio_trigger" targetname and thats it. Just call this function in mapname.gsc
1 year ago
Did he start with his trash once again? I see a box everywhere
2 years ago
Stop posting good comments with your second account, and add the napalm you fucking donkey.
2 years ago
Is it just me or cant I see/find the Bo3 mystery box?
And btw, can this mod be combined with other mods? like for example weapon mods, and how if so? :))
If i remember correctly, there should be over 6 mystery box locations, and you have to also unlock all the other areas to find it, since it will most likely spawn outside of the mansion.  As for your second question, i don't know, if you can do that with other mods then yes, it shoud be possible.
2 years ago
I think you have to add a couple of lines in _zombiemode_weapons.gsc and mapname.gsc and mapname.csv too. I don't exactly remember since it's been a while that I quit cod modding but you just literally look for similar lines(weapon lines) in the code and copy paste the same thing and you simply change the weapon name. As far as I can remember, the ak47 is a broken weapon in black ops 1, so you would have to find and download a ported weapon, and CFG Factory should be a good start. They also include the tutorial on how to install the content as well.
2 years ago
hey do u got discord? maybe i can dm u there for some tips/ help
2 years ago
That's kind of you but no you don't have to pay me. I do this as a hobby :)
Sorry I don't accept mod or map requests.
And I have like zero knowledge about porting.
Here is the video:
it doesn't work, i have NERO but it plays the dempseys voice lines, pls help, fix :/
What do i have to do? Im using t4m btw, i guess that can be an issue? :thinking_face:
:hushed: :hushed: :hushed:
2 years ago
i couldnt find the clown emoji thats why i didnt respond

Double Post Merge: July 11, 2022, 08:41:15 pm

Oof i couldnt find the clown emoji thats why i didnt respond
Hahahhahahahhah, you wanted to use it for yourself?
2 years ago
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