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Messages - klevi

was wondering how do u make custom zombie maps bo1 i would like to try to make a map like a house lmAo
install bo1 mod tools, LinkerMod and GameMod and follow some cod waw tutorials, almost everythiing is the same shit as it is in waw
13 days ago
No thanks, give me Harry's perks xDD
Also stop deleting my comments from your YouTube video you boob lover
3 months ago
Aaaaaaaaaa Bo2 Farm remastered, your favourite bo2 map. It's looking good, and just because of that I will change my pfp pic again.
3 months ago
I helped Chasr34 with the scripts and noticed that another perk mod was installed.
Before installing this mod, It's best to first uninstall any other perk mod before installing this one.
What is?
4 months ago
To fix your problem it is very simple, do not use HarryBO210-1-2 perks ever. Instead, you can use Gympie's cool perks(your favourite scripter). You can make a new empty map, and copy your current map there, cos it will be clean and ready to use with no bugs and such, and then follow Gympie's tutorial to install his 'cool' perks.
The tutorial is a little bit long, but his sexy voice compensates that. Here's the link
7 months ago
Assuming that you're talking about the buildable icon for the power switch, can't you just make one by yourself? Use d00d, it literally takes 2min to make it.
Or ask Gympie, he can give you one of his favourite shaders cos he likes a lot collecting shaders of different buildables.
7 months ago
Don't listen to him man, he hasn't been feeling good lately
7 months ago
Yes they can be changed, i haven't looked at the mystery box's laughter sound but i know how to change the announcer voices.

1. Take the _zombiemode_audio.gsc from raw/maps to your mapname / maps
2. Scroll to init_audio_aliases() and then take a look here

theres this line  - level.devil_vox["prefix"]     =        "zmb_vox_ann_";
and under this line there are other lines for the powerups

level.devil_vox["powerup"]                                        =        ;
        level.devil_vox["powerup"]["carpenter"]                            =        "carpenter";
        level.devil_vox["powerup"]["insta_kill"]                        =        "instakill";
        level.devil_vox["powerup"]["double_points"]                        =        "doublepoints";
        level.devil_vox["powerup"]["nuke"]                                =        "nuke";
        level.devil_vox["powerup"]["full_ammo"]                            =        "maxammo";

so to change the sounds, pretty much what you need to do is to make new alias lines for each powerup or whatever you want to change. Let say i want to change the carpenter sound, i would name the alias - zmb_vox_ann_carpenter - in other words, Prefix + the powerup


In my case i added _klevi to kinda personalize it. but ignore that part for now.

Gympie Gympie plant
7 months ago
No i don't like the gravity shown in your screenshot. I am not impressed btw!
7 months ago
Ask the moderators to remove this post you capri sun boy! :P
What is?

Double Post Merge: January 25, 2021, 11:27:29 pm
Also Sidzzz, if you see this message, delete this post don't just stare at it...
10 months ago
Well, pretty much its a simple thing to do and nothing complicated
I recorded a video about it
10 months ago
Ignore this cos im kinda dumb and i posted it wrongly in this section. Go in the tutorial section and check it there till Gympie tells me how to delete this post because i don't see any frickin option.
10 months ago
i don't know who are you man but welcome back, just because you know Gympie you must be a legend, i can smell it
is me nier
11 months ago
This will be written down in history I guess?
1 year ago
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