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Cool looking map.  I gave it a go, previously you said some of the ee steps would work, but I couldn't find which ones actually work.  The Activate power for pap I couldn't find switch 4.  I found 2 meteors, but I don't think there were more.  I found 3 peices to the picture, but couldn't find the 4th.  Ans I have no idea how to turn on power.  I'll look a little more, but as far as I can tell none of the ee's work.  Also you have screens of a coloseum, but I'm guess those aren't accessable either?  Anyways the map looks great, keep up the good work.
 I will just say that all of what you mentioned above works fine, you just need to find how to do them :) 
59 days ago
you are using the wrong soundaliases, the real ones are in "soundaliases/zones" look at the "zmb_common.all.csv" there are all the bo1 weapons soudaliases.
 True, that's what you have to use as a reference. 
78 days ago
Alright, this tutorial will be extremely easy to follow, no sound alias needed or anything else.
First of all you are going to need a black ops converter tool, literally get the black ops sound transcoder from here 
and get all of your sounds convert them same as you would do in cod waw(.wav) and then just open the tool and and drag your .wav files there, and the sound transcodcer will convert your files in the bo1 format. 

I will start with round sounds. To change round sounds you need to have your sounds ready and converted, and after that you go to black ops 1directory, mods/mapname/sound , if the sound folder doesn't exist, then just create it. After that open the sounds folder from there and make a new folder called "mus", open that folder and inside of it again make a new folder called "zombie". Once again you open that folder and make a new one called "zombie_global" and there you can put your round sounds together with the dog round sounds. You have to rename your sounds in a specific way.
round start - mus_zombie_round_start
round end - mus_zombie_round_over
dog round start - mus_zombie_dog_start
dog round end - mus_doground_end
So literally this is the location  Call of Duty Black Ops\mods\YOUR MAPNAME\sound\mus\zombie\zombie_global   and you paste your converted and renamed sounds there.

Now to change the perk jingle and sting sounds you need to sill make these new folders(unless you already have them) and go to this location 
Call of Duty Black Ops\mods\YOUR MAPNAME \sound\mus\zombie    and at the folder called zombie, make a new folder and name it "perksacola" and there you have to paste your sounds and rename them in a specific way.
So, literally in this location Call of Duty Black Ops\mods\YOUR MAP NAME\sound\mus\zombie\perksacola you paste your own sounds and just rename them.

And finally, to change the game over sound same as for the round sounds and perk sounds, you go to the same location Call of Duty Black Ops\mods\YOUR MAP NAME\sound\mus\zombie and make a new folder called "game_over" , and inside there get your sound and rename it to "mus_gameover_abracadavre" and paste it in the "game_over" folder. And that's literally it. I am pretty sure that there are other ways to change these sounds, through sound aliases but this process is really quick tbh.
79 days ago
Oh wow this came out of left field, it looks great visually with all the custom assets!
 Thanks buddy!
85 days ago
92 days ago
i need help when i run build a take error MODSound -pc -ignore_orphans  error2057

please i need help i have make your teddy bear shootable script it is work thank you but i want put music haow can i do it  have see tutorials but nothing please help
 since the script is works then only the sound remains to be correctly added, literally convert your sound properly in audacity at unsigned 8bit PC or signed 16bit PC. Then put your sound in sound_assets/raw/sound/ there or make a folder there, and make sure that you properly call that sound it its soundalias, then just open launccher, click build mod ff and build sounds, and after building these go and grab your converted sound in raw/sound folder(if i remember correctly) and put it in your mod folder. Build your mod normally as you would do after that, FF and IWD and make sure you tick the new files in launcher on the right side, Done! krimp 
96 days ago
Hi guys Im new to this world Im here to explore the world of mods to see how I like it and to really get to know and understand how everything works, most importantly have fun, I can't wait to get started fellas my name is justin! don't be a stranger feel free to message me ! Im a dope person! Also currently supporting our country my profession is with the military for security purposes will not say what branch I am in.  
96 days ago
106 days ago
What is? 
118 days ago
Nigge, i haven't had this problem before, but what i would suggest you to try is to:
1. Uninstall the mod tools
2 reinstall them, from UGX-MODS Confluence - ALL IN ONE link
3. Click the converter button in radiant before you do anything and leave it to finish
4. Use a script placer
That's it, i have never got that error before, so i am assuming you have downloaded the mod tools 1 by 1 by their versions, etc. Just try doing these what i said, and make sure to also save your map and all files that you need before uninstalling the mod tools. Except these, i don't know what else to say, have a nice day/night/evening etc whatever you want.
132 days ago
:aw_yeah: :awesome_dance: :rekt:
Sorry i just wanted to test these.

Double Post Merge: March 20, 2020, 10:07:51 pm
Nope you have to be a man and stand up for yourself.
If you don't like it just leave the lobby.

Some guys are just kids I guess.
185 days ago
looks good, but to bad the easter egg steps dont work 
 The link that i posted here is too old, i also added more stuff to the map as well, literally i am trying to script things that are left to be done, but yeah on the version i posted here scripts for the Easter Egg won't work. But just a few small ones are going to work fine. 
185 days ago
Make sure you're correctly following whatever tutorial you're actually following, and if i am not wrong, runtimes migt also be caused because you're running your map with devmap, so just try to normal run  it from the console, map mapname.
199 days ago

There is no t4m installed on the game folder.
The LanFix requires some kinda of VPN app like Hamachi or orthers or we can play by WAW server?
Lanfix has nothing related with the VPN
235 days ago

Well, i have been working on a map, which i named Mansion of the Undead, for a while, i guess map is finished, i am not going to add any other area, i just literally need a scripter for an easter egg for the map, then i will release it. Anyways, except this, here's a download to test it!!! Any feedback is appreciated. Also there's an area which you can't normally enter, cos i deleted some scripts i did(cos im a nob scripter), literally enter with noclip and play on GODMODE and look at the map.

//EDIT: 22/06/2020
Well, this is just a recent update, the map is still unfinished, i need to add a bos fight and fix the lights as well, but other than this, the map should be good to play or even just to explore it. It's way more updated than it was in the previous version.

is me nier
237 days ago


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