10+ hits go do down/die in game, please help

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Created 111 days ago
by ZombieSteven
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I'm working on my first map so I'm not sure exactly what I did wrong and it's been bugging me for a bit now, I tried to fix this on my own but I have been unable to find a solution to my problem. I'm unable to die/go down in game after around 10 or more hits from the zombies (seen in linked video, ignore the misplaced texture) and I have not edited anything related to player HP or zombie damage on my own so I'm stumped on to what caused this problem.

I've installed a handful of things into my map so I'll list them here.
- Harrybo21 perks
- UGX music box
- MW3 weapons (CFGFactory)
- MW2 weapons (CFGFactory)
- BO1 weapons (CFGFactory)
- Ascension zombies (Shippuden1592 "Normal version" not UGX version)

There's some other stuff I can't recall from off the top of my head, listed these just incase there's something conflicting internally that I need to fix or edit. Thanks for your help in advance.
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I'm working on my first map so I'm not sure exactly what I did wrong and it's been bugging me for a bit now, I tried to fix this on my own but I have been unable to find a solution to my problem. I'm unable to die/go down in game after around 10 or more hits from the zombies (seen in linked video, ignore the misplaced texture) and I have not edited anything related to player HP or zombie damage on my own so I'm stumped on to what caused this problem.
I've installed a handful of things into my map so I'll list them here.
- Harrybo21 perks
- UGX music box
- MW3 weapons (CFGFactory)
- MW2 weapons (CFGFactory)
- BO1 weapons (CFGFactory)
- Ascension zombies (Shippuden1592 "Normal version" not UGX version) 

There's some other stuff I can't recall from off the top of my head, listed these just incase there's something conflicting internally that I need to fix or edit. Thanks for your help in advance.
 if u removed the kar98 weapon, this happens, did u ?



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