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Created 1718 days ago
by Azsry
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    A lightweight tool to automate Zone file generation

    After investigating the mod tools for a day, I realised that Treyarch has modified the zone_source system from being CSV files to zone files. While they are essentially the same thing, there have also been some changes to the keywords understood by the linker. I created this tool in lieu of anything similar in the official mod tools launcher so that creating a valid zone file for building maps (and standalone mods!) will go smoothly.

    • Upon initial launch, the tool will ask you to locate your Black Ops 3 installation. This will set up the environment later for mod and file parsing.
    • Once the main UI has loaded, select a mod from the Mod dropdown box and you should see the Mod Browser box populate with the contents of your mod.
    • Select a Zone file to edit from the Zone File dropdown menu depending on your gamemode.
    • Select the files you wish to include in your mod from the left box and press the ">>" button to add it to the Zone file.
    • If you have made any errors in adding files, you can click the "<<" button to remove the selected item from the Zone file.
    • Once you have finished editing the Zone file, click the Save Zone File button and specify a location to save the Zone file.
    • Open the Mod Tools Launcher and tick the Zone file you just finished editing (either core_mod, cp_mod, mp_mod or zm_mod).
    • Tick the Compile checkbox on the right and click the Build button to compile your mod.
    • If everything completed successfully, you have successfully built your mod!

    Presumably, there will be some asset type mismatches due to inconsistent naming conventions (e.g. scriptbundles normally have _bundle suffixes, but there zm_teleporter is also defined as a scriptbundle). Please report errors that you find and I will attempt to fix it.

    Treyarch - Mod Tools
    Azsry - Tool Development
    LilRobot - Telling me the raw files' location

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    Double Post Merge: September 29, 2016, 12:01:08 pm
    Quick hotfix to stop file listings from appending to old file lists.

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    Double Post Merge: September 30, 2016, 01:47:14 am
    Hotfix v1.02
    Added support for usermaps zone editing
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    Im sure this will be very useful, good job  :D :D :D



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