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hmm idk setTimer() function works fine with hud I created below.

Also the timer does appear it just count up.
1335 days ago
Has anyone used the SetTimerUp function on a hud yet. I cant seem to get it working. The hud appears but the time does not count up.

Here is the code:
self.playerhud["timer"] = newClientHudElem(self);
self.playerhud["timer"].x = 300;
self.playerhud["timer"].y = 10;
self.playerhud["timer"].elemtype = "timer";
self.playerhud["timer"].alignx = "left";
self.playerhud["timer"].xoffset = 0;
self.playerhud["timer"].yoffset = 0;
self.playerhud["timer"].fontscale = 1.4;
self.playerhud["timer"].font = "big";
self.playerhud["timer"].hidden = false;
self.playerhud["timer"].color = (1,1,1);
self.playerhud["timer"] SetTimerUp(50000);
1337 days ago
Im sure this will be very useful, good job  :D :D :D
1343 days ago
This map is incredible. Me and my friend just played through it about 3 times. The amount of details is insane and the ending easter egg was really fun to complete.
1437 days ago
Is it just me or does the download link not work?
1755 days ago


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