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broken avatar :(
Created 3 years ago
by OwenC
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broken avatar :(
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So this is my first map. I tried making one about a year ago or so but lost all my files for the map :/

The working title as it stands is nazi_zombie_dev for developing, i will eventually have a name for it on full release.

I am in need of testers for co-op ect so if you are interested please let me know.

List of screen shots of the map as it stands right now:

Here is the most recent video of the map, However its not the most recent version of the map. There has been more added since the video release. I will be uploading a video of the updated map once i have sorted some bugs ive found, i think its to do with zones cause zombies just stand still even tho the pathing is there. but im not 100% sure yet.:

You can see the progress on my channel, not from start to finish tho just what i could be bothered uploading. You can see clear changes in each video tho.

There isnt really a general theme for this map, i was/am just playing about with radiant to get used to everthing, this is basicly a pratice map, it isnt just bare rooms tho i have tired to make it as detailed as i am able to. There is a outside area witch is probs the best looking part, im my opinion.

At the moment the map is a small one in comparison to others, however i am going to be adding more levels/areas. there is still soo much i want to add but like i said above this is just a pratice map so dont expect anything amazing or new(yet)

Credits so far:

<!-- Legends
These two have helped with everything I asked about, cannot thank them enough :)


// BluntStuffy > Soul Chests (NOT ADDED YET)
// MakeCents > Keypad Access, Weapon Trader(ADDED)
// MrDunlop4 > Zombie Eye Colour(ADDED)
// death_reaper0 > Weapon Storage Locker, bonus points script(ADDED)
// HitmanVere > Black Ops 1 styled Pause Menu(ADDED)
// Cristian_M > Winters Howl Weapon(ADDED)
// MZslayer11 > Hitmarkers(ADDED)
// Marsvinking > Elavator (NOT ADDED YET)
// IperBreach86 > Black ops ||| Style Powerup light!(ADDED)
// BYZMODS > Buildable Mystery Box(ADDED)
// steviewonder87 > Dark Matter PAP Camo, Custom Muzzleflashes(ADDED)
// fusorf > Bo3 Style Perk shaders & PowerUp Shaders(ADDED)
// HarryBo21 > Perks & PAP(ADDED)
// InFInIX > Glowing Eyes(ADDED)
// Sites > CFGFactory, UGX MODS, MODME


Last Edit: August 10, 2021, 02:11:17 am by OwenC

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