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January 14, 2017, 06:39:32 pm
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I Know this game is old BUT, I wanting to make some new custom maps for it and im just wondering if anyone would like to help.
Im thinking of making a new minecraft map(a replica to the bo3 minecraft map im currently making)
Im also wanting to do a story based pack, like 2 ...
2 years ago
So this is my first map. I tried making one about a year ago or so but lost all my files for the map :/

The working title as it stands is nazi_zombie_dev for developing, i will eventually have a name for it on full release.

I am in need of testers for co-op ect so if you are i...
3 years ago
When i try compile my map i get this:

Calculating light grid...
18.3% complete, 2 seconds done, 9 seconds remaining              
21.4% complete, 3 seconds done, 10 seconds remaining              
22.4% complete, 3 seconds done, 12 seconds remaining              
3 years ago
FIXED, I Just took, take old weapon and crack hands thread out.

Im using (BYZMODZ) Bobby Z's Buildables when i add a part ot the work bench it gives the player full ammo, how would i fix this so the ammo stays the same as it was before building ?
3 years ago
Ive installed byzmodz buildable mystery box and im just wondering if anyone would be able to help me set it up so when a player picks up a part it shows it on the HUD like above the perks, or ammo. and then removes it when the player has built it.
3 years ago
did u try downloading it from the mega links ?
Im not trying to download the modtools, im wanting to get the patch, and their juke box

Double Post Merge: July 11, 2021, 08:03:25 am[/...
3 years ago


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