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by klevi
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Now, im a completely noob on scripting and i was just making some tests.
I wanted to make a block that when players just touch the trigger it falls down and makes a damage.

        block = getEnt("block", "targetname");
        block_trig = getEnt("block_trig", "targetname");
        block_trig waittill("trigger");
        block moveZ(-150, 2); }      //Im just a noob don't judge me  :joy:

Now i realised theat in game i needed ro Press F to make the block move down and when i was down the block it just pushed away player
1. I need some help to know how can i make the script so the player gets dead immediately2.(BEST PART) - How the hell can i get exceeded 400 fx error when i didnt do anything
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