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Messages - ZombieSlayer5778

I don't get nudes after posting map reviews...  :D
5 years ago
Don't know if many people here play PC Overwatch but I figured I would give it a try. I was wondering if anyone wanted to play some competitive Overwatch. My is ǶJScarried#1802 (make sure you remember the "Ƕ" symbol). If anyone is interested, add me! My rank last season was 3200 sr :P
5 years ago
Good review! It's refreshing to see a map review, no one posts anymore  :-\
5 years ago

Map by: YouAlwaysWin

The Basics: After a shipwreck leaves you and your friends stranded on an island, you wake up to the sounds of the undead. You and your friends prepare to fight for your life with all you have left...Pistols.

Pros: To start off, I think its a cool idea. I really enjoyed the fast paced gameplay the map had to offer, and loved being able to slay zombies with pistols, something I never normally do. The map has decent detail, and the cramped space makes it both challenging and fun. I liked the choice of pistols, but wish there was a few more to play around with.

Cons: There were a few problems with this map I would like to address. For starters, I absolutely HATED the green. It marred most of the enjoyment of looking at the map, and I feel it could have been toned down a lot, or just left out. Like I said earlier, I wanted more pistols, not a select few. The elemental machine was almost completely useless, because as far as I know, there aren't any weapons there that you can upgrade in it on this map. I would also have liked a buy-able ending as it provides something to work for.

Conclusion: Overall, I enjoyed the fast-paced gameplay, but the green looked like shit ruining most of the enjoyment of looking around the map for me. The pistols were extremely fun to use, but I wish there were a few more of them. I would have also just left out the elemental machine, as it doesn't do anything in this map (correct me if I'm wrong).

Detail: 4/10
Custom Content: 6/10
Fun Scale: 9/10
Replayability: 6/10

Score: 25/40

Download Link:
5 years ago
Hi (insert map maker name here)
I have a really big problem. I CAN'T PLAY THE MAP! Before you start your reply, I did some research and read the bob/sway instruction, but there is no 'save options' button and no way to get back to the menu. This is frustrating because I REALLY want to play your map. PLS HELP.
Nasan0109  :D

Double Post Merge: November 19, 2016, 03:17:47 am
Disregard my earlier message. I figured out how to save the options. This is how you do it (for anyone with the same problem). You have to adjust all UGX options. The save button will then come up.
Hope this helps!
Glad you figured it out.
5 years ago
I gotta disagree with your replayability rating, the map is highly replayable for me and I would give it a 7.5/10 ( :troll:)
I think your right. Not a 7.5/10 for me, but now that I looked it over again, I have to bump it up to 5, because this is a really fun map, even if it isn't the most replayable  :P
5 years ago

Map by: Psh

The Basics: After all the carnage that happened at the oil yard days earlier, 4 Task Force soldiers are sent in to investigate some unknown liquid within pipes of the yard. As soon as they get there, they realize something is wrong. The whole oil yard is empty despite a battle that took place just a few days earlier. Suddenly a noise from behind them startles the soldiers. A whole army of dead men rise. But these men aren't just dead, they are undead... 

Pros: This map has provided some of the most fun I have had playing zombies. That said, there are better maps out there, but this map isn't supposed to be complex and have massive easter eggs. When you start up the map, there is a very cool looking main menu screen similar to the one in MW2. The map is very easy, and there are no doors to buy, but in a map as small as Rust, there can't really be doors. The map looks is exactly like it did in MW2, and the round end music was the level up music in MW2 which was pretty cool. The map features lots of MW2 weapons which were very fun to use in zombies. If you are looking for an even EASIER version of this map, there is a fun mode that increases the speed of the map and the points you get. There is also a nightmare mode, for those who want a bit more of a challenge.

Cons: The map does have some downsides to it. It can get very boring at times, and once you have played it once there is no real need to come back to it. There are no wall weapons on the map having the player relying on the mystery box. There are a couple places on the map where the zombies will run away from you and sometimes get stuck on the fence. But all this being said, there aren't too many cons with this map in my opinion.

Conclusion: Really great map to play when you have got nothing to do or are new to zombies. Despite a couple of bugs, this map did provide a good experience. I suggest trying it out!

Detail: 9/10

Custom Content: 6/10

Fun Scale: 10/10

Replayability: 5/10

Score: 30/40

Download Link:,11458.0.html
5 years ago

Map By: MakeCents and Tudark

The Basics: NASA scientists in the late 21st century have developed an endless source of power with debris found in space. They have built a new space station just out of Earth's orbit to pick up the debris and process it into power. Most of the debris are meteors; they come up through a shoot and into nuclear generators to have their plasma energy analyzed and sent to earth via spaceship. But after just a few days the scientists working the generators have become  extremely sick. Within a couple more days they are dead. Except one... Teams of armed guards have attempted to find the missing scientist. And they found him alright. He was infected, turned into the undead...just like those guards. Soon the whole space station was infected. And the people on Earth. It is up to you and the 3 other uninfected scientists to find the energy and reverse its gravitational pull...

Pros: I never get tired of this map. I have played this map probably 6 times, and one of the features I enjoy the most is the replayability aspect. Every time you start a game, you spawn in a different room with different starting weapons. I love the story behind this map, and the campaign featured in this map is extremely fun. The goal of this map is to save Earth. You must do that by turning on the power cells, teleporting to a lab in the space station, where you must collect three card keys. Then, you must bring them to the doors and enter in the codes that are provided on the cards, opening up Sector 9 (the final area) where you must turn on gravity and then lock it up with these space locks. The codes you must enter in was really cool, and I loved that the map was made up of searching for the objectives, but they weren't in extremely hard places. The detail was fantastic, what with the Extinction-like pods that spawned nova crawlers, to the labs with blood splattered on the walls and computer systems everywhere. It is just like a science fiction novel. The feel of the map makes you feel like you are alone with the eerie footsteps, and the echoing. The custom textures of the perks, and the custom perk machines themselves were amazing, and all of the guns, some from Halo, and some from Dead Space, were very well implemented making slaying zombies very fun.

Cons: There were a few problems with this map though. When you put on the space suit, the really cool ammo counter gets in the way of your point count, almost completely obstructing them. The view of Sector 9 (the center of the space station) from the hallways was a little bland, as it was just a plain gray texture. Another thing I really didn't like about this map was all of the long hallways. They were all almost identical, and it got boring running through four of them just to grab one thing.   

Conclusion: Overall a very enjoyable map. I highly recommend this map to anybody who likes zombies with objectives or feels like wasting some time on gun game. The weapons were great, I just loved the camo for the Pack-a-Punched Blundergat. The cool perk machines added some variety to the map and the story was fantastic. Apart from a few problems, the map was almost flawless.

Detail: 8/10
Custom Content: 10/10
Fun Scale: 9/10
Replayablility: 10/10

Score: 37/40

Download Link:,10991.0.html
5 years ago
YES!  :D I loved Decontamination (it was one of the first custom zombies I played)!  ;)
6 years ago
Looks cool :D
6 years ago

Map by: dextro62

The Basics: You and your friends wake up in the classic game of Doom. You see immense mountains in the distance and flowing pools of acid that will melt the skin off your bones. Suddenly, you hear a noise from behind you. You spin around, expecting it to be one of your friends, but instead you look right into the empty eyes of the undead. Grabbing your weapon, you prepare to fight, hoping to live another day...

Pros: I remember the days when I used to play Quake and Doom on my computer when they were a huge thing. When I launched this map, I got hit with some serious nostalgia. This map features Doom textures, Doom sounds, and takes place in the first level; everything I could have wanted from a Doom map. The map has a cool addition with the acid, acting like the lava from Tranzit, but is not overly used which I enjoyed. The acid is key to two parts of the map; to get to the room with Juggernog where you must jump over the acid to land on a platform that leads into the room, and to Pack-a-Punch which is like the PaP in Town; you must run in, and run out of the lava/acid. The structure and gameplay of the map is really cool, and I liked where everything was placed; perks, wall weapons, box locations.

Cons: There were a lot of things in this map though that I didn't like. For one, I found it quite boring, because once you opened the three, 2000 point doors to Pack-a-Punch, there was a HUGE open space to train, which I thought made the map boring and too easy. The mapper took time to make custom round change music, and Doom textures, but didn't take the time to quickly implement Black Ops Quick Revive. I also found that the triggers sometimes disappeared, which was annoying at times. The map also used stock WaW weapons, which can fit in certain maps, but in a remake map such as this, I felt like the mapper could have used at least UGX mod.

Conclusion: The map was overall a pleasant experience; it featured a 20,000 buyable ending, and was quite easy, but for new players, this map is a great way to learn how to train. Like I said before, I really liked the Doom textures, and the sounds were very cool. If you are bored one afternoon, and have nothing to do, I would suggest giving this map a go!

Detail: 5/10
Custom Content: 3/10
Fun Scale: 6/10
Replayablility: 2/10

Score: 16/40

Download link:,10493.0.html
6 years ago
Nope, I still haven't reviewed Das Herrenhaus yet :,) Great map and great review. This map seriously is pretty professional, among with many others of course, but this stood out. Nice job ZS
Thanks  :D
6 years ago

Note: I feel as though I am the only person who has not reviewed this map, so here we go...

Map by: sethnorris

The Basics: You wake up inside of a teleporter; you look around. Your friends lay on the floor beside you. You try to get up, but you are weak from the fumes of the teleporter, making your mind dizzy. Suddenly, you hear a noise outside. You look out the window and see the undead rising up from the ground. Fueled by adrenaline, you shake awake your friends, and take the safety off of your pistol. Opening the teleporter door, you prepare to fight...

Pros: This map has some of the best detail I have ever seen, and rivals that of Leviathan. The detail is on par with Treyarch in my opinion! The texturing and the variety of objects makes you feel like you are playing oldschool Black Ops zombies. It's a great feeling. The outside of the map is well done, and not under detailed like 75% of the maps you play now. The sounds are great too, and there are several cool soundtracks. The map also features an assortment of Black Ops perks and weapons, which adds to the great gameplay the map has to offer. The boss is really cool too, and to have a Hitler boss? Definitely something that adds a cool twist to the story line. The buildables were cool, although I really do hate searching for parts.

Cons: Not a lot wrong with this map. It was a little big, and I felt myself getting a little bored searching for parts. I also wasn't crazy about how the mapper mixed WaW weapons with BO weapons. Not a great move in my opinion, because it made the map feel a little uneven. There were also Verrukt sprinters, which I absolutely hate in maps. The map also didn't really have a lot of custom content (such as Black Ops 2 perks, or new guns) which is what I like to see in maps.

Conclusion: Such a fun map! I loved playing it, and I will love playing it again. It had a few flaws, but the detail and fun factor made up for it. It felt like I was playing a new DLC for Black Ops which was pretty fun.

Detail: 10/10
Custom Content: 8/10
Fun Scale: 8/10
Replayability: 10/10

Score: 36/40

Download link:,9998.0.html
6 years ago
Can't wait to play! Looks amazing  8)
6 years ago
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