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Messages - ZombieSlayer5778

Yesssss! Finally  8)
6 years ago
yay another box map, just what the community needs!

IGN 10/10
6 years ago
Furthermore, how did that tank get inside? :poker:
Beecuz fizziks  ::)
6 years ago
Bump because yes :D
6 years ago
This looks so cool  :D
6 years ago
I don't think the M60 thing is his fault? Unless he modified the weapon file, anyway good review, I did find the map a bit...large at time, but he done a great job at replicating an awesome area from an also awesome TV show. :D
Lol, thanks. I haven't seen the show, so i had no idea what the map was about. Is the M60 broken in other maps with UGX mod?
6 years ago

Map by: CanadianTyler

The Basics: You and your friends have suddenly woken up in Planet Express! You wonder if it is a dream, but it is not. As you begin to investigate the room you are in, you notice something rather odd. Mutants! Catching you by surprise, they start breaking through the windows. You realize that the only way out is to steal the spaceship...

Pros: For starters, let me just say, I don't really enjoy cartoon maps. I find them bland, and boring. But this map is much different. When I first started playing, I have to admit, I wasn't crazy about the textures, but after playing it for a little longer, I got used to it, and it actually kind of grew on me. This map features the UGX mod, but has a few additions to it. For example, the G36C is single shot, and the G3 is full auto. The perks were re-textured to look like slurm machines, and the objectives were fun. There was a lot to do in this map, lots of doors to open, and lots of cool rooms to explore.

Cons: No map is perfect, so let's go over the cons. For starters, the sprinting animation for the M60 was quite broken (it was shaky, and wobbling back and forth super fast). After Pack-a-Punching it though, it was fine. The lack of detail made the map kind of bland. I know it was supposed to be like a cartoon, but this map's textures were just really dull. There was only one box, and a small handful of wall weapons. This map was quite easy to, because of the huge open space near the ship. I also hated sprinting back and forth in the sewers to Pack-a-Punch, or to complete other objectives. This map was so big underground, and I feel as though it could have been sized down to save the player from having to run all over the place.

Conclusion: Nice map overall. It was quite fun to play, and I loved to mow the zombies down with the arsenal of custom weapons. Although the textures were kind of bland, the fun factor of this map made up for it. I never really felt bored, except for the times when I had to sprint back and forth through the sewers.

Detail: 4/10
Custom Content: 8/10
Fun Scale: 9/10
Replayability: 7/10

Score: 28/40

Download link:,9899.0.html

6 years ago
it won't let me edit it too. That's wierd . Is that a bug ? Sorry for off-topicing.
I can edit my posts lol. I don't know whats wrong  ::)
6 years ago
When the trigs are super hard to find  ::)
6 years ago
Take some tips from JiffyNoodles, he made one the other day that had me in stitches ;D
oh yeah, lol. I read that one, I was lmao  :D
6 years ago
Yes but you were trying, and failing, to be funny. His attempt at a map far surpasses your attempt at humour. Can you make something better? ::)
lol, this was my first "humorous" map review, so I tried my best  :P
6 years ago
TBH looks more detailed than a lot of maps actually.  :-\
lol, I guess. That is why I gave it 10/10  :D
6 years ago

Map by: Fantomas1987

The Basics: When I first looked at this map, my eyes welled up with tears, just because of the sheer beauty of it. A house, outfitted with the most in depth detail I have ever seen, along with the prototype mod, just made me SO hyped to play this map.

Pros: Ah, the perk selection. It was so nice to have a challenge. Featuring NO perks, it just made it a good challenge, a really good decision on the mapper's part. The 2 box locations were just spectacular, and the fact that if you climbed on any of the beds in the map, the zombies would go off into another room and not be able to kill you. I just LOVED it! So fun to blast away those zombies with your classic WaW selection of guns, while on one of the original WaW beds! So entertaining!

Cons: Bruh, this map is on point. No cons what so ever.

Conclusion: Simply...amazing.

Detail: 10/10 - better than any Treyarch map ever made.
Custom Content: 10/10 - Even though the majority of the guns (all but one) were stock, just the fact that the map included the TT-30 tokarev was its saving grace for custom content.
Fun Scale: 10/10 - Just being invulnerable was so fun, I just loved sitting there, and it, for me, was an obvious 10/10.
Replayability: 10/10 - It is so fun to play this map several times; seeing all of the highly detailed rooms, being invulnerable, playing with the stock WaW guns gave this map 10/10 for replayability.

Final Score: 40/40

Map Download:,6971.msg75738.html#msg75738
6 years ago
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