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Still love it how many years later? Thanks so much guys!
109 days ago
Well it's about time UGX gets a Discord ;) Good stuff! Gotta love Discord
1229 days ago
UGX has brought me a great experience since you guys started making/posting maps. I think the key to keeping a website active is giving members more ways they can get involved. You guys could do this through a number of things, but setting up a UGX Discord chat would be pretty useful. I'd love to partner with you guys in branching out to some other websites (ex. Facebook, Discord, Steam, etc.) to allow users to continue to interact and play zombies together more efficiently. I think part of the problem with CZ in general these days is finding players and getting consistent connections. Overall, UGX is doing a great job, and I love to hear you guys are coming to the community for advice. Don't be afraid to branch out, guys. Keep it up  :P
1254 days ago
This map was straight up beautiful  :P
1335 days ago
Looks gorgeous  :P
1400 days ago
FREAKING YES MAN, been waiting for this release for awhile. Thanks for the map :D
1469 days ago
Odd remake of a map considering not too much was updated, but glad people aren't forgetting these oldies :)
1470 days ago
Congratulations on joining the team guys. Happy to have your help in the community :)
1478 days ago
Very pretty looking :nyancat: looking forward to trying this out! Good work!
1478 days ago
This map is absolutely legendary
1514 days ago
Incredibly creative name. I haven't seen a map this dark and scary looking for a long time. Can't wait to see the finished product!
1523 days ago
I really like this section because some really cool maps have sparked from it and this gives non-mappers a chance to get more involved. But I do agree, a lot of the ideas and requests are trash. No worries :)
1523 days ago
Man this looks absolutely incredible. Well done Psh
1523 days ago
Looks like a solid map :) Haven't seen one that looks like this in awhile and have been wanting a beach / saloon style map :)
1532 days ago


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