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Incredible work!

Nice job with choosing guns, they're looking beautiful - also balanced weapon sounds(which isn't naturally in every map)
You've put much love into detail and ambience, I enjoy exploring all the rooms and the outside scenery.
It's a real pitty that you were not able to put the fire trap in, would be so cool.
The map architecture is well thought out- it makes the map interesting and varied, I also like how fast you get surrounded by zombies.

The first and only bad thing I've noticed is that knifing is much slower than normal.

And now- !MONEY RAIN!
1657 days ago
When I successfully load the map in singleplayer and left click in the loading screen to start the map, The only thing
I can see after is a blackscreen with those two banners on the lower mid which say" 74th mod of the year" and "Compatible with xbox.." I also can hear those the sounds you hear when you point onto buttons in the main menu while moving the mouse around.
I made everything told in the description, also I used the LanFixed.exe.

FIX: Specular Map in Video Settings has to be disabled

The map is very silent, maybe you want to add some ambient sounds like wind on the bridge and so on.
1671 days ago
sick! Love the detail. Nice Trailer tho.
1674 days ago
Nice detail and weapons, but some weapon sounds are not really good, could you please change them?
1743 days ago
Dogs stuck while using the teleporters somehow..
1986 days ago
1989 days ago
It seems you're quite hardworking on this map. In my opinion it´s different, creative, compared to other maps I saw in the past. Hope it does't stay WIP and gets its bug-free release someday. Love the weapon style plus the free fire akimbo!
1992 days ago
Sometimes, parts for the electric box dont spawn, and sometimes, walls are unvisible.
2002 days ago
Love it, your work was worthwhile!
2010 days ago
It's a good map so please fix that fuse location mxtxm mentioned,
ya know, next christmas is soon  ;D

Also the knife sound is screwed up in da latest version
2019 days ago
I, I can't,.. just... c..cAn't wAit for it..jeEs  :rainbow:

2020 days ago
ok nevermind  :derp:
2031 days ago
This map is like a cupcake, small, but extraordinary in the taste :nyan:
To pause the map, just swim to the other side of the river in the pap place :troll:

You can be proud of yourself ;) Great Job!
2033 days ago
The realization of the map is quite good, my friends and I enjoyed playing it.
There's one thing which is bad, zombies are hitting you when you climb the
ladder up to the teleporter...pretty annoying.
Weapons'n stuff are choosen well, I liked them.
I missed some sort of trap which is always nice when
you run thro the complete map, but that's just me.

All together, its a well made job!
2033 days ago
Updates in process? I'd be very happy if you do some!
2033 days ago


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