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Y'a pas de manches 25, le jeu crash quand t'arrives à la 25.
Si tu veux faire le secret faut le faire en moins de 24 manches.

Oh ok.
1431 days ago
Is there another boss at round 25 or is it the same as 15 ?
1431 days ago
Attends d'atteindre la foret enneigé avant de dire que cette map c'est la perfection  :)

1432 days ago

Couldn't get qed's 'till round 19,but this map is perfection itself :D !
1432 days ago
Does the upgraded swords  dammage the round 15 boss,like can they one shot kill him ? I was in the last step to upgrade it but I didn't had the chance cause HE one-shot killed me :p .
1435 days ago
This map is absolutely amazing,the details,the weapons,the bosses...It'll be played over and over again . Nicely done ;) !
1442 days ago
My thought are... It looked too ridiculous, I get it, that is what they are going for. But I still prefer the seriousness in treyarch zombies. I get it, treyarch zombies has some ridiculous things too, like the shrink gun, the monkey bomb, dragons etc. But the thing I don't like about this, though, is that it is ALL built up on ridiculousness. While treyarch is not as over the top with the ridiculousness as IW zombies seems to be. To me, treyarch have executed things like dragons well, without making it too over the top.

Idk, I just prefer the direction treyarch is taking zombies, IW zombies doesn't really look like it will have as good storyline as treyarch zombies. This is just me, but to me it looks like IW zombies is pointing towards kids. I get it, it's different, but it doesn't look this is for me. :P

I completely agree,it has gone too far .
1458 days ago
I haven't touched the Panzer health though? ???

Well I always kill the panzer in this map with the ak12, in the old version I was taking time with the ak12 to kill him but now in the T4M update I killed him with the same gun quicker so..
1500 days ago
Can you update the map one last time with bo3 weapons and all it's content but change the difficulty like it was before(Hard).But seriously it's the difficulty that made the map so cool,now I can kill the panzer in 8 sec or even 5 without d.t or anything.I know I can play the old version but I want the same difficulty with bo3 content .
1500 days ago
One of the greatest maps I've ever played,loved the EE ending,spent two hours playing this map to completely finish it, nice work !
1507 days ago
I dont run around the WIP asking for Downloads, Jiffy. At least I read

Man,it's his first post,maybe he didn't knew what WIP meant or still don't know what it means and just saw nuketown and got excited
1512 days ago
So sorry if this has already been mentioned, and I missed it, but I've played a few times solo, got all set up, got 7 perks, good weapons, then head to geyser to pack my guns, and the geyser does not work. Which as far as I know is the only way to get to the PAP machine. Is this a known bug?

I had this bug once .It's the only way if it's your first time to pap ,if not there is a door you can buy.
1551 days ago
People really need to start adding 3 hit without Jugg in their maps, going back to 2 hits is brutal lol.

Sprinters + 3 hit without jug = good.
Sprinters + 2 hit without jug = not good.
Normal zombies + 3 hit without jug = exaggerated
Normal zombies + 2 hit without jug = good.
Lol :D
1551 days ago
It was a great experience playing this map,I really had fun !

I was in this area filling the meteor and I got down, I kept dodging the zombies and then i got two hits when i reached the elevator, it was so close !
1551 days ago


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