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Y'a pas de manches 25, le jeu crash quand t'arrives à la 25.
Si tu veux faire le secret faut le faire en moins de 24 manches.

Oh ok.
1160 days ago
Is there another boss at round 25 or is it the same as 15 ?
1160 days ago
Attends d'atteindre la foret enneig√© avant de dire que cette map c'est la perfection  :)

1161 days ago

Couldn't get qed's 'till round 19,but this map is perfection itself :D !
1161 days ago
Does the upgraded swords  dammage the round 15 boss,like can they one shot kill him ? I was in the last step to upgrade it but I didn't had the chance cause HE one-shot killed me :p .
1164 days ago
This map is absolutely amazing,the details,the weapons,the bosses...It'll be played over and over again . Nicely done ;) !
1171 days ago


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