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How do you launch the mal solo?
993 days ago
I  have been staring at that 99% on the first page and am getting even more excited!!!!!
1087 days ago
Any updates??
1089 days ago
Thanks man! Just like MOTD there is no quick revive.  ;)
Ah crap!
1165 days ago
Nope! Didn't need it.
Huh ok, im playing it now and its great, i cant find quick revive though

Double Post Merge: June 05, 2017, 03:29:29 am
Whippy! I really like your posters in the map ;) ;)
1165 days ago
So no afterlife?
1165 days ago
hey i found a glitch.....jkjkjk YESSSSS
1165 days ago
I'm ready to release it but everyone says I need a trailer lol. So we filmed some footage last night. Hopefully my friend can get it put together quick so I can release.
NOOOOI JUST RELEASE IT  :'( I CANT WAIT ANY LONGER!! Jkjk do what you want  ;)
1166 days ago
Hey are you currently making other maps?
1167 days ago
So is this cancelled or still a thing?
1167 days ago
Great new guys!

I tested the map with 4 players all the way through and we completed the entire map. No bugs, no crashing, no g_spawn, nothing. We even stress tested it by going crazy with wonder weapons and tons of zombies everywhere.

I feel like it's difficult but not impossible map. We beat the entire map with no cheats or anything. So I'm really happy to finally be done with this monster of a project. I've been working on this map on and off for 7 YEARS!! So its a big relief for me.

I'm getting together a loadscreen image and trailer. The release will be coming either the last week of May or the first week of June.  :nyan:

I can't wait to share this map with you guys, I think your going to love it.

1191 days ago
Hey guys! Quick Update:

So I've been spending the past few weeks optimizing my scripts in order to fix a game crash that happened late in the game. I've had 3 different types of crashing that has occured and I believe now I may have them all fixed. I still need to run some severe stress tests with 3 of my friends to ensure it won't crash anymore.

I hope you all understand that I'm working as hard and fast as I can to make this map run smoothly with no crashing or errors.

And on a fun note, I've changed the Origins characters to 4 new characters. They are the best zombie killing team in the business.  ;)  I can't reveal them yet but I'll try and have either a teaser trailer or some loadscreen images for you guys.

Thanks for your patience,


I dont think my body is ready  :rainbow:
1204 days ago
when I try tp launch the game, the call of duty game just crashes on me. any thoughts please?
1216 days ago


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