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I have fixed this issue now, if anyone has a similar problem reply to this or pm me and i'l try to help you with what worked and didn't work for me :)

40 days ago
It looks like you already solved it, it can be hard creating zones and stuff.
For the people that have problems making zones look at this tutorial: 

Thats one of the tutorials i watched and as you can see he puts the kvp for the zones as the zone1_spawners format which was the exact reason for my issue so i dont know whats going on there... other than that its a good tutorial :)
46 days ago
this is the guide i was using to install it:

I got up to the compiling part and stopped, i then compiled my map to try test it and it showed the alien text mentioned in the troubleshooting portion at the bottom of the guide, i couldnt move or do anything except use console and press esc to more alien language, also the rounds didnt start. I'm not proud to say it but everyone starts somewhere and im a massive noob at map making, i just got into it with a friend and want to produce it well and carry on making others. Can anyone tell me what i've messed up here, literally any insight will help at this point cheers.

Double Post Merge: August 11, 2020, 03:45:05 pm
edit. After I got the alien language i checked the troubleshooting part of the guide and went through and completed every task correctly im pretty sure so idk whats happening....
46 days ago
Hi, i've just come back to custom map making for waw and run into a fimiliar issue, My start_zone works perfectly all zombies spawn and follow etc, but as soon as i buy the debris and enter the second zone (zone2) no zombies follow me into it or spawn inside of it, even when i have linked them in radiant and in the gsc file, the zombies that have spawned in the start zone just stand there confused as walk around brainlessly if not at all.

I've ran into this before and fixed it but I've long forgotten the "fix" by now so any help at all would be apreciated, hopefully by the time anyone sees this i've figured it out but chances are if this is still up then i haven't. Cheers

Double Post Merge: August 10, 2020, 01:07:01 am
Quick Update on this - the zombies from the start zone follow me into the second one now because i Linked the clipping on the debris to the script struct in the sky for the debri & set it to dynamic path, but none of the spawners in zone2 work, also if im standing in zone2 at the start of a round nothing spawns at all, not even the ones in the start zone. Continually working on this, we'll see what happens

Double Post Merge: August 10, 2020, 04:03:14 am
Idk if this is to stay here or not either way Il tell you what fixed my problem......
Literally it was just my naming of the zoning, only the zone_name format works (well for me anyways) so i just did zone_2 instead of zone2 and walal everything is working amazingly cant wait to get this map done and out there. Cheers for nothin ugx lmao

Double Post Merge: August 10, 2020, 04:05:02 am
Actually these helped me a ton so scratch that, thankyou ugx ,<3
48 days ago


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