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Me and a friend tried doing the moon easter egg but could not get past the step where Rictophen places the golden rod in the computer. We have both completed the Call of the Dead easter egg (both with and without the mod) and the Shangri-La easter egg (only with the mod). We make sure Rictophen spawns with the golden rod on moon, but he can never place it in the computer once we get to that step (and yes, the pipe/cable was already placed). Just wondering if this is a mod specific glitch, thanks!
 Actually you don´t need to have linked the easters with the mod, you can do it in solo or coop without have other easters like shangri LA or Call Of The Dead, actually i did the moon easter egg with 4 people and all didn´t have the call of the dead and Shangri LA easter eggs.
93 days ago
Easter Egg Moon 4 players completed but unfortunly Host Crash while we were wating to the end game with the 10 rounds survive challenge. At least we did it

113 days ago
New Round 50 gameplay for shi no numa solo

Fastest way to kill the panzer with zipline
137 days ago
Nacht Der Untoten try, 1 fail but second try ok

this map is so awesome, so unique with this mod, the only problem is that you need camp almost all the time if you have luck with the box, if no luck almost is game over.
170 days ago
New Try beating the game before no zombies strange glitch. 2 games 1 fail 1 flawless g g, i still like so much this mod.

187 days ago
Not much time for play but i still playing the mod

New gameplays on solo, Verrückt and Five completed

210 days ago
Its been  a while, first game on 2020 on Shi No Numa Again
Hard map but very fun, sadly this gameplay could be perfect but panzer get me outside the map and well, i didn't know that you can swin in a small river around the map wtf, haha that map could be a much more in black ops 3, sadly 3yarch never explote the whole fetureds that old maps could have.

Thanks again to Partisan and xSanchez78 rly great work
217 days ago
I've never been so stressed out playing shi no numa solo wtf :D
I know how you feel :( xd

i failed 3 times bcz bad luck and bad decisions with spots, weapons etc.

In co-op can be more easy depends of the weapons and luck.


New trays
 Verruckt CO-OP Noroko

Shi No Numa CO-OP 3 Players

Part 1 -
Part 2 -
Sry For Double post

298 days ago
Rly Awsome Map, tested, failed on EE bcz our host crash the game traying to take screenshot on wonderweapon light effect but map runs great, ee steps much better that Tag der toten and gameplay and weapons are ok, very unique map. many thanks to 
to support our gameplay in the stream of my friend Noro.

Here my stream for 3 Players on battery

Thanks for sharing this awesome map, credits and links for the developers on video description.
298 days ago
Omg.thanks for continue this awesome custom maps, i will testing today.

Thank you so much.
299 days ago
Nice map, aim almost feel like aim training map, very good.

First try glitch with bowie knife xD
Second bad luck with box and fail on round 15
third Flawless game escape on round 23

Many thanks for map developers

308 days ago
I won't be doing anymore things because i learned it's just waste.

Is bcz people don't value the hard work? At least you have the pride for made something better that the new titles. Black Ops 1 is still better that the new titles. And this mod made it even better.
309 days ago
I Instaled this mod and i  turn on bo_mods ewrything is okay but when i try to play kino there is no weapons from your mods there is normal guns from BO1 what am i suposted to do (sorry for my bad english)
That Happens if you don´t check if you have double folder on your folder mods inside the black ops root folder.

You must have

\Call of Duty Black Ops\mods\Renaissance\


Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

New Flawless try on Call Of The Dead
311 days ago
My new trys

Ascension stuck on round 35 but gameplay and challenges ok

Der Riese Flawless gameplay and complete

Moon Complete but bad game :(

Five complete gameplay ok

Call of the Dead looking around but gameplay ok

Many thanks for bright us this awesome mod to all the staff and special thanks to Partisan for supporting my streams



Five Co-Op with Noroko

Moon CO-OP Noroko - Ervic

Bad game for me xD

Spanish Stream
328 days ago
Easter Egg complete, ty very much for this awesome map

I rly enjoy it. 
361 days ago


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