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November 03, 2014, 04:38:05 am
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June 10, 2024, 06:50:51 am

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Te quedo excelente el port de la GKZ-45 Mk3, mejor que el original de BO3, esta nice el mapa, no jugue las versiones anteriores pero me gusta la selección de armas. No probe todas pero imagino que es similar a tus otros mapas. 
La Scar-H y la Deagle son mis favoritas pero tuve que cambia...
11 days ago
No shit dipshit. You try playing moons Area 51 Stage and have every fucking dog being flamethrower/exploding dogs. You'd get enraged too. This shit just isn't fun, even on other maps, the dogs are just unfun. It'...
2 weeks ago
I liked the map , i made a few mistakes but i survived and finished the map in my first try, i dk if i bought all hidden monkeys debris, i found 4 or 5. but i didn´t see something happen and pap i wasn´t sure if was locked or not bcz i didn´t notice that you had to get close to the cage for pap w...
2 weeks ago
I liked more this vr that pickle tower, good art. I loved the Deagle as first weapon, is my favorite handgun. very nice vr of the map.
First try flawless
Spoiler: click to open...

Spoiler: click to open...
2 weeks ago
Very good try, the script is still unstable but you manage to handle on a custom map I didn´t had issues just i saw some zombies being stuck but in general the performace was pretty fine. I didn´t remember that the power behind the hint lol. Timed mode is ok, its feels like some sort of outbreak m...
2 weeks ago
So, how the fuck do I remove the explosive damage from dogs and the flamethrower dogs from this fucking mod? I love this mod to death, but these fucking dogs are cheap as shit and were only put in this shitty mod just to pis...
2 months ago


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