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Congrats on the release!
538 days ago
Congrats! <3
724 days ago
Nice, congrats on the release. :D

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
846 days ago
2018 and people still porting COD4 into WaW and they sill don't know that we can get them with a single click lol
852 days ago
I just tested this and the bank works . I didn't add the sounds yet I will add them later just wanted to confirm and say thanks. This was a great feature in ZIS when playing co op !

One question is it possible to delete or perhaps change the colour of the HUD when you deposit or remove the points ?

IPrintLn("Deposited $1000(New Total = " + level.balance + ")");

You use ^X (X = numbers for colors, 1,2,3 etc..) so it should look like:

IPrintLn("^XDeposited $1000(New Total = " + level.balance + ")");

Same thing for withdraws:

IPrintLn("Withdrew $1000(New Total = " + level.balance + ")"); 

It should look like:

IPrintLn("^XWithdrew $1000(New Total = " + level.balance + ")"); 
888 days ago
Nice, going to give this a shot :D

Congrats on the release.
889 days ago
Best map 10/10
893 days ago
I think it Does matter about the height.

Also, off topic. Do this please :

900 days ago
The official game when it comes out, maybe.  As long as it isn't just passed call of duties copied.  But wait, Black ops 4 is a complete copy of the Chinese Call Of Duty Online.

Sorry to ruin your day but you're wrong. As no COD will ever be as amazing as CODOL is rn.
902 days ago
I did find the Golden Sporj Easter egg, however we didn’t find the other 2. Perhaps I’ll have to go back and find them :P

If you help me with the golden spork, I'll list what you need to do the get these other 2.
902 days ago
but there will be more once the maptools for BO1 is released

Radiant is already online lmao
908 days ago
Alright, guide is now live folks. Hopefully, I will finish it today :D

Also, any news of the new update ?
910 days ago


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