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I have been trying to add the lightning bolt indicator for power on my walls i have been trying to go about this by using decal but it shows up on the wall it is faint and you cant see it not bold white chalk like in every map we have played since WaW....
Am i missing a setting? am i using the right tool? any help?

1118 days ago
I was not aware there was legal legal aspect to it. thanks!
1118 days ago
Any prefabs of my favorite guns??  Sliquifier!!!  Wanna add it to my maps!!   Or the  Wave gun? Or Winter ??  Why are these Best wonder weapons not available??  ANYONE PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS??

IDK how to port things and dont have the software to learn how.
1121 days ago
I thought i had everything good... when i tested in radiant black, they attack me but when i uploaded to workshop and tried they all just stand still?

I have the red block behind the player spawns...
the zone i put over the entire map....

what do i need to fix? please help..

Do i need to move the info_player_script? Or the Aactor_spawner_zm_factory_zombie??? 
1126 days ago
Yes, you can delete it and add it from the prefab list. Highlight the object and press "Backspace" on your keyboard. This works for everything I believe.

I'm not sure what you mean by blurred, perhaps it's your shadows?

You simply put the files in your prefabs folder. For example mine is located here:

D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Call of Duty Black Ops III\map_source\_prefabs
Inside of this location, I have a folder called "Kaizokuroof" and I put my prefabs in there.

Yes, it seems you might have forgot to put in dog spawners, they are seperate to zombie spawners. You can find details on how to add/remove dogs here:

Hope this helps.

Thanks A LOT!! this helped with the dogs and perk machine and box spawns!!
1126 days ago
Question 1:  I tried to rotate the speed cola machine and now its all crooked and i cant get it back. can i delete it and drag one in from prefab list? and how to delete it?

Question 2:  Buildings and such look blurred when testing map but in radiant black they look detailed.. Why? Is this a caulking issue?

Question 3:  How do i import box_start_1 Box_start_2 and so on to Radiant i downloaded the files but how to get them in software?

Question 4: Dog round starts but not 1 dog shows up in my map? where are they? Do they spawn out side of mapped area if the zone is pass the playable walls?

Any help would great.

thanks in advanced!!!
1126 days ago
so i beat the map with the buyible ending, but what are the panels for i hit all of them but nothing happened....
1758 days ago
getting ready to go live on twitch playing this!!!
1766 days ago
We don't plan on doing a public beta as we already have a bunch of people who test the map, along with the 4 of us, which is more than enough people. As for the "Request Beta" we don't really pay attention to it, but after counting there are now 70 people wanting to beta test - were not going to just give a beta to anyone who asks, especially since most people just want to play early, not actually test.
I have tested many games and maps for bugs.. I also write pretty good reviews. Here is my Youtube with some of my work.     and also my Twitch.TV/MrShhh79  maybe you can keep me in mind for future projects since i didnt make it into this one.

BTW JBird grats on Globe winning YAW!  had fun on it myself and its one of my how to End vids on my youtube.
1767 days ago
I requested beta for this... still havent heard anything...
1767 days ago
I just added a high scores section to the forum post above. And since I finally beat my own map solo today I figured I would start out the top 5. My high score is round 13! Try to beat it!
(Image removed from quote.)

my finish with video to prove it!!!!
1780 days ago
Had a quick go, found 2 parts to the power? it wont turn on?  I've had a good luck around for another part but nothing :(
Like the dogs and a possible round 50 incoming unless the power is glitched


power is not glitched there is a piece down by the deadshot daq...  for the outside power generator that allows you to turn power...
1780 days ago
does this map have a buyable ending??? and i think the monkeys are bugged nothing runs to them and they dont play music but they explode at their normal time.....
1781 days ago
Had a good time with completing this map!!!  here is gameplay link!!
1783 days ago
fun time here is link to completing the map!!!!
1783 days ago


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