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I have been trying to add the lightning bolt indicator for power on my walls i have been trying to go about this by using decal but it shows up on the wall it is faint and you cant see it not bold white chalk like in every map we have played since WaW....
Am i missing a setting? am i using the ...
1118 days ago
I was not aware there was legal legal aspect to it. thanks!
1118 days ago
Any prefabs of my favorite guns??  Sliquifier!!!  Wanna add it to my maps!!   Or the  Wave gun? Or Winter ??  Why are these Best wonder weapons not available??  ANYONE PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS??

IDK how to port things and dont have the software to learn how.
1121 days ago
I thought i had everything good... when i tested in radiant black, they attack me but when i uploaded to workshop and tried they all just stand still?

I have the red block behind the player spawns...
the zone i put over the entire map....

what do i need to fix? please help...
1126 days ago
Yes, you can delete it and add it from the prefab list. Highlight the object and press "Backspace" on your keyboard. This works for everything I believe.

I'm not sure what you mean by blurr...
1126 days ago
Question 1:  I tried to rotate the speed cola machine and now its all crooked and i cant get it back. can i delete it and drag one in from prefab list? and how to delete it?

Question 2:  Buildings and such look blurred when testing map but in radiant black they look detailed.. W...
1126 days ago


some of my log~ins and tags!!

Youtube:  MrShhh
Twitch TV: MrShhh79
Steam: [PNZK]~Mr.Shhh 
WaW:   XMrShhhX 
Marvel Heroes 2015: MrShhh   
Diablo 3: MrShhh#1769 
PSN: MrShhh79
Email: [email protected]


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