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im playing solo and cant find the book thing, its not near original mob spawn room is this a glitch
1202 days ago
finally a cudtom map with other characters that have working dialogue
1204 days ago
Hahahahahaha Yep It's David Hasselhoff!!

are you going to show us all four of them or you just gonna leave the hoff blank
1204 days ago
Very Nice! You got JFK and Sal!

im gonna say the jeff goldblum character is it nero or something, or the boxer guy from SOE i forget his name but you know who i mean, and yea dude on the right looks like dannys character from COTD
1205 days ago
is one of them sal deluca? stewlingher, tank dempsey and a call of the dead character or one of the five characters maybe kennedy
1205 days ago
Looks good, will play later

is that you in your profile?
1288 days ago
so these things you have shown us, will they be added later or not at all? what was your plan on a boss zombie? were there going to be buildables?
1306 days ago
I don't fill safe with it saying google drive couldn't scan files for viruses? :/
its fine no one else got viruses
1311 days ago
Great works, go beyond, please add EGG, BOSS, only perfect       :lol: :troll: :nyan:

this, i agree, needs boss, and alot more EE OTHERWISE it becomes repetitive
1314 days ago
getting error when trying to load map, max_precache_entries exceeded
1350 days ago
OMG DUDE THAT LOOKS SO FREAKING GREAT I JUST HAD AN ORGASM, PLEASE RELEASE THIS I AM SO HYPED I WOULD PLAY THE HECK OUTTA THAT RIGHT NOW OMG great job in all seriousness, like wow, are you really jason blundell or what, i see that fog rolling in ;)
1361 days ago
i think just stick with mob of the dead as the title, its still a great name :lol:
1376 days ago
If worst comes to worst, you can always have the Ray Gun Mark 2, it's readily available on the place everyone goes on to get weapons in a rush, CFG Factory.

hyped to play with me jiffy? :troll:
1440 days ago
hell's retriever is a must! :)
1444 days ago
looks great, map layout is good, if you want this to be really good then get pro mappers who aren't busy to help you with details and stuff, you deffs need a flamethrower and a hacker in this map tho, maybe reskin a panzer as a xenomorph lmao
1444 days ago


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