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Look for the step 4

add_zombie_weapon( "zombie_m1garand",                        "ZOMBIE_WEAPON_M1GARAND_600",                   600,                  ''  '',                         0 );

Now let say that my weapon name is vmp
copy the line bove

add_zombie_weapon( "vmp",                        '' Press and hold &&1 to buy vmp[Cost:1300]",                   600,                  ''  '',                         0 );

Same gos for the upgraded weapon - copy 1 line of a default weapon that has cod waw and just replace the name man and make sure it is in the right section(if its a full auto weapon u paste in the full auto secion.And this step is also same as at dlc3_code. just copy a line there just replace the weapon name with your weapon. You can add me on Discord , facebook instagram or steam for further help.
 Can I add u on steam then Im still stuck on some of the later steps and cld use some help.
601 days ago
Now this is what i do to get bo1 or bo3 weapons in my mapsGo to CFG Factory  and download the weapons that you want to add cuz they are wepons that are already converted
Adding weapons to cod waw

1.Copy al folders on the weapon files excepr soundaliases,weapons and paste them in raw

2.Copy the images folder into your mods folder

3.Go to weapons file)in the weapon folder) copy the files there and paste them in mods/mapname/weaposn/sp

4.Go to _zombiemode_weapons in raw/maps/ scroll down untill you find init_weapons()  and there just put your weapons - u can copy 2 lines of the default weapons
    and just replace the name and after tht copy the file in your mods/maps/

5.Go to DLC3_code and scroll down till it says include_weapon....... and include your eapon there- u can do this same as step4 just copy 2 lines there and replace te name with the name of your weapon and then save dlc3_code to your mods/maps/

6.Open Radiant and go to mod builder tab an check all the new images there and after that in fastfile mod.csv include the code that u already have in the weapon folder

7.Copy the soundalias file inclided in the downlaoded weapon folder and copy that in raw/soundalsiases

8.Build the mod,Done.

Now i dont know what errors you will have in the future i just know that this is they way that i do and it works for me. Maybe i've typed sth wrong send me a message if u need help or do whatever you want, buuuuut anyway that's how i add weapons to my map
So first, cheers for this, its the first simple guide for this ive seen (and ive been looking for ages ).

Im stuck on step 4 where you go into the gsc file _zombiemode_weapons and add some code.
Im confused what you mean by just put your weapons do you just mean the name of the weapon

e.g : Black_Ops_2_FiveSeven
or something else

also after this you say replace the names (do you mean the name of the file  _zombiemode_weapons  and with what?)
and then copy the file in you mods / maps ( do you mean paste this file in the mod/maps or copy a file in mods maps ) 

Thanks anyways tho :D
601 days ago
I've asked my friends who own the game (not very many) and they don't know how either Do I create a folder called maps and download maps and drag them in or what?
If you install the UGX map manager you can choose from loads of different ones or you could just search in the community maps. Either way they're .exe files which once you install, should be in your mods section of your main menu in the game. If you click launch mod with your map selected, the game should restart.

You then need to enable your console in the options, and type map (space) your map name, hit enter and it should work. 
603 days ago
Oh yeah I see, there is a problem with the new editor. You could also just copy/paste the link for now :)
Yeah got it working thanks .
603 days ago
I fixed the link for you!
Really sorry still not working 
603 days ago
Yea i know an easy way to get bo1 and some bo3 weapons
Hi, cld you let us know, i just want the bo1 weapons but don't want to go through the long hassle of porting them from the bo1 game.


Clicked the link and it led me to a blank page. :\ 

604 days ago
Hi, tried to follow Treminaor's tutorial on how to install the standalone UXG mod and kind of ruined my custom zombies. I got multiple errors
 Any way to solve these problems wld be reallly helpful.

The laucher console reads the error could not read file mapname_ignore.csv even though i changed that to my map name (Library_ignore.csv)
as i was told to in the tutorial.

When I test my map every text file in the ui has been replaced with random text which also happens on the loading screen and menu (only in testing mode). That includes ammo ammount and gun name, i cant move or see any textures.

Also wondering if there is any easier way to get bo1 / cod 4 weapons and perks rather than downloading this mod, I looked at porting weapons but it seemed very difficlut which led me to the UXG mod.

605 days ago
Yea that happened to me too before.When in script placer i created a setup map(there are 2 zombie spawners in the map) and when u putted them out of ma so they come through the window i notice that only 1 of 2 zombie spawner works.So 1 of them normally comes through the widow and zombie spawners in the other side dont even move.So i putted them 1 on te left 1 on the right and i saw which of spawner works checked the kvp's of the zombie spanwer that works and u can simply just copy the kvp's and make all zombies the same.IDK if this is the exact problem but anyway this is just a suggestion.
 Yeah it was similar to that, i did what you said. Played around with it and managed to get it to work, thanks.
606 days ago
When my i test my map without any windows the game runs smoothly, all zombies follow you when you spawn. As soon as i add a window, even if im not in that zone yet. The zombies that cant get to it stop moving any ideas on a way to get the zombies who cant get to the window ignore it.
608 days ago
Hi, im new to making zombie maps and cant seem to get the zombies that spawn to follow pathnodes. Its not the zombies at the start thats the problem, its the ones that spawn in areas i would go in when i open a door. They spawn, but dont follow the player like the ones in the starting zone do. I have checked console and found no errors, was wondering if the small part of code that I add to my map GCS file was the problem. Its the part where I would type what zone i would enter after each door is bought .(if that makes sense :\
609 days ago


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