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Link or a general direction to the WaW version?
729 days ago
I Tried downloading this map in the map manager and when i load the mod it will not reconize it so i cant load it plz help!!!
 You have to use console command to launch it. Otherwise you may have to download it again or try to put the files back into place. 
759 days ago
Is there a way to make the fps go higher than 91 while using t4m or do you have to go to the game configuration and mess around with it?
760 days ago
Sorry for the long post. This is in response to the incredibly hateful comment I made to both the map developer and map itself. I was scrolling through this site yesterday when I remembered this comment I wrote, it wasn't until then I had realized how much I could've hurt those that came across my comment. I would like to take the time to personally apologize to each and every person who had responded to my comment. This is a whole year past the time that I wrote the original comment, and I feel I have negatively affected this site ever since then. I am sorry.

First off I'm especially sorry to this mod who had to rummage through my absurd message to the developer, and to anyone else who saw my response to this comment, which was passive aggressive and somewhat more hurtful than the original. I'm sorry.

This one hurts, whippytrout, if your reading this, know that a severely immature person at the time had made the post attacking your skills as a map maker, looking back I don't know what I was thinking, I must've been on some kind of drug. You're map is great, one of the best in the entire community of map making. If I discouraged you at all it has nothing to do with your map at all, or you, or anything, it was me. I was being rude and inconsiderate, and overall a complete jerk. Please know that I am sorry, you don't have to forgive me, you did nothing to deserve my toxicity. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry that my post had disgraced what this map was. I needed cheats because I was a loser, I sucked at the game. Also yes my post was stupid and not criticism, far from it. I'm sorry.

It was wise of you to stop there. I'm sorry.

I can't I've never even made a map, I was so prideful of myself I somehow was so delusional I thought I could critique something I knew nothing about, on top of being so stupid that I took whatever anger I had out on a perfectly innocent piece of art that everyone was enjoying. I'm sorry.

Yes, I was bad. I was so stupid I couldn't find the power and it was right of you to call me out on it. I'm sorry.

I want to personally thank you, you incited so much hate inside myself which is what I personally believe is what eventually brought me back here to apologize, because of memories and such. I'm sorry that you had to read my horrible work of a comment. I'm sorry.

It was, my post was aggressive and offensive, nothing else. I'm sorry.

I was a poorly mannered immature brat, your right. I still don't know how to use commas also, I just kind of place them around everywhere. I'm sorry.

Good advice. I'm sorry.

I don't know why I would bother, I agree that this map is not bad at all, and I was completely in the wrong.

If anyone who I negatively affected needs to say anything to me, please do, I don't know what else to say besides, a special apology to whippytrout, Your map is awesome and everything I had said was completely fueled my incompetency and dullness.

I'm sorry.

That's ok, I forgive you.
1152 days ago
Randomly killing a player is bad for any game or mod, people play the games for you know...the sake of playing it.
So the second you get swooped in by alligator and die for what seems to the player for a bullshit reason they either disconnect or go to the kitchen get a drink respawn just to come back and find they are dead once more since you missed the round start. it's a great method if you need people to un-install the map fast after playing, but then you might aswell not make that type of map in the first place.

Try think of something else then shi no numa remake that you die in a lot of more times then original.
Fair enough.
1306 days ago
I think this idea could go places. Zombie alligators or zombators swim around and have a chance to attack players. If a player gets attacked he looses a leg and must go complete a quest to get a golden peg-leg (golden spork but clearly better). But after 4 attacks you have 4 peg-legs and then the other players just use you as a table. It's the gameplay element custom zombies has been missing!
That could work, although you can only crawl if you lost your leg. Which it will make it harder than it was before.
1399 days ago
I have an idea for swamp like maps, even if there's going to be a custom made shi no numa. I was thinking put zombie alligators in those specific maps, like if you can get into the zombie's spawn you would have a chance for an alligator to swoop up and bite your character and bring your character underground and instantly kill them. What is your thoughts about it?
1399 days ago
I've never said this before but among all the stuff about mapping, optimization is my favourite.

Yeah, and the frame rates that was set on average was on my laptop. Keep up the good work.
1477 days ago
This map is complete trash, if it was released 6 years ago it might've been good, its got that going for it. I don't map often, but I can't believe how anyone could manage to make a map so dull, long, repetitive and just fucking boring dude.

In case you still are planning to make more maps, here's what I would suggest to better your next projects:

1. Allow players to cheat (haven't read up on it but I couldn't noclip with sv_cheats 1) cheating is fun and helpful.
2. Make a map fast, for the player, especially if it is a remake when their is already knowledge of what is to come.

- example; in this mfap feeding the dogs takes like 15 seconds for each zombie (zombies killed within the 15 second feeding time don't count which is literally autistic) and 10 zombies each, thats two and a half minutes for a third of a passage of a door, so... 150(Time per dog) x 3(Amount of dogs) x 2(Blue dogs) = 900 seconds. 15 minutes of BORING AS FUCK FEEDING of an AUTISTIC DOG, I could go on, but you probably understand

3. You say you added a lot to the map and its not just a remake, but the first minutes of playing are the exact same but you spawn in a different area, what's new? Oh shit lmao nothing, anyways what you added was a boring easter egg and shiny new guns that server the same purpose as all the other guns but are made poorly.

- A good map remake would be nuketown remastered by SirJammy and Ege115 it adds new FUN things to the map, including but not limited to, an easter egg you can do at your pace. Its greatness is hard to simplify into words, heres the link,12734.0.html

4. This map is ugly and feels like it was rushed, either you rushed it, or you are a shitty map maker, the gameplay is trash so if you were going for either of those you failed, horribly.

I hope you benefit from this criticism, and good luck on any future maps, let this utter complete disgusting fucking abomination of human time be remembered as when your maps stopped sucking mega dick.
Honestly why bothered play this map or even the game if you have to cheat?  Also I know that there can be an actual bad maps. But this map isn't one of them. I would personally say it is still unfinished. But there's a reason why it is to it's state. He gotten the map right as far that i am concerned.
1478 days ago
I'm not releasing any updates for this map. I feel it's fully playable and I have beaten it several times. I'm sorry if there are some small visual bugs or issues but I literally have no more time to work on this project. I apologize if anyone suffers a strange occurrence while playing, but the best way to fix it is to restart the game or simply don't do whatever you did to cause it hahahaha  :D

Thanks guys for all the great comments and reviews. After all I made this map for the community and you guys are the reason I kept pushing myself to learn and create this map.  :nyan:
It was fun playing it, even though there's only a few places where the frame rate suffers. Like the spiral staircase to where you should get the part of the airplane. And the prison cell area as well. But that's just my laptop. So had no idea of where the power is without the afterlife mechanics until I have seen the form told where the location is.
1478 days ago
Because it wouldn't make sense for the story. If you read it, it says that Kennedy meets the crew at the docks where we arrives by boat It wouldn't make sense for them to spawn inside the prison. Plus, It gives it a little twist :)
I have no idea of Danny Trejo would be in the 1960's.
1478 days ago
This is a really great map. I have watched a YouTuber named Mr Dalek JD played this, and he was blown away when he sees the outside of the spawn room. So when I have played it, it was still beautiful despise of what graphics I was running on my laptop. And now I do have really good frame rates on that map (around 60fps on the lowest resolution, 30fps on native 720p). It performs very well as much on how beautiful the map looks. And I can tell there's some fallout references in it as well.

Although there's this one time when I had tried to jump out of the zombie grasp (with quick revive), I had been down and the zombie hit me one more time and it killed my character before the zombies were supposed to break away.
1478 days ago
First mistake was using ugxs map manager

Honestly they should fuck it off and just upload the rars to file sharing like the rest of the world does
Honestly I haven't had any problems with it. I am guessing I have been using the "old version" of it.
1478 days ago


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