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Thanks, I also want the Easter Egg song...well more like need it in my life dudes :troll: :nyan:
Noticed that when a Player has the Shield on their back, a crawler can't damage them no matter the angle...
583 days ago
This is my new favorite map, all the easter egg steps really got me, while doing the wind quest, the generator part where them "color" enemies spawn (don't want to spoil for other) I really got a fright when I didn't hear anything and it just came into view. Also I saw the Nacht der Untoten reference there (big one too). Lastly, I like the Rick and Morty and song in the credits (don't know the name).
Epic boss(no spoilers) :rainbow:
584 days ago
I know that I need an element battery or something, so I'm guessing that it's part of the main EE,  I will be "digging" up more secrets (bad pun)
584 days ago
concerning the main EE, I have absolutely no idea what to do, I only heard 3 voice overs and that includes the teleportation for the crystal and the Miasmic device :alone:
584 days ago
That really small Easter Egg in the menu room with the computer.... :lol: love it, thought it was going to be a jumpscare, the first time I played the map I was unable to get the death machine, whenever I picked it up it would show the name then disappear, another one is the mystery box always causes the game to frameskip like a lot

Really loving the map, all the work everyone did and the song too
584 days ago
what took longer and was much harder to complete (e.g. Sounds, Easter egg, Shading etc)?

Double Post Merge: April 03, 2018, 08:09:56 pm
what took longer and was much harder to complete (e.g. Sounds, Easter egg, Shading etc)?
612 days ago
Have you found any bugs within the map, are there bugs within Radiant as well
(just noticed some Overlord in your avatar Hitman :troll:)
622 days ago
SE2Dev's SSD fried so he can't release Radiant yet due to that. Waiting on that pretty much

Ouch, well that's another thing added to waitlist
633 days ago
Damnit, and I really wanted to do scripting with it :alone:
642 days ago
Wasn't Radiant getting released in Feb or is there a bit of a delay
HitmanVere, which scripting language is used in Radiant?
645 days ago
99.95%?????, I like how HitmanVere thinks :troll: ;D
666 days ago
Not spoiling anything :troll: But you can always play normally

Nooooooooo :alone:, lol you monster :poker:, are you going to include the steps to the main easter egg like with Project Thor etc, or are you going to be like Treyarch and say "not spoiling anything"? ;D
673 days ago
Will the main Easter Egg be mandatory like to unlock PaP in Shadows of Evil or will we be able to play normally?
673 days ago
About 1.1 gigabytes, not much

I'll have to hit up an internet cafe or something so that I can try this mod (and enjoy it ;D) in less time as possible (got weak internet speeds :gusta:)
704 days ago
I forgot to ask ::), what exactly or approximately will be the size of the whole mod?
704 days ago


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