I apparently know how to get into the MDT 😎
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Thanks, I also want the Easter Egg song...well more like need it in my life dudes :troll: :nyan:
Noticed that when a Player has the Shield on their back, a crawler can't damage them no matter the angle...
798 days ago
This is my new favorite map, all the easter egg steps really got me, while doing the wind quest, the generator part where them "color" enemies spawn (don't want to spoil for other) I really got a fright when I didn't hear anything and it just came into view. Also I saw the Nacht ...
799 days ago
I know that I need an element battery or something, so I'm guessing that it's part of the main EE,  I will be "digging" up more secrets (bad pun)
800 days ago
concerning the main EE, I have absolutely no idea what to do, I only heard 3 voice overs and that includes the teleportation for the crystal and the Miasmic device :alone:
800 days ago
That really small Easter Egg in the menu room with the computer.... :lol: love it, thought it was going to be a jumpscare, the first time I played the map I was unable to get the death machine, whenever I picked it up it would show the name then disappear, another one is the mystery box always cause...
800 days ago
what took longer and was much harder to complete (e.g. Sounds, Easter egg, Shading etc)?

Double Post Merge: April 03, 2018, 08:09:56 pm
what took longer and was much harder to complete (e.g. Sounds, Easter egg, Shading etc)?
827 days ago


If you've seen some corpses, I did that :D


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