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The loading screen
1410 days ago

Overview of the slightly more finished B site

B-Site ramp

The "Other side" of the site where zombies can spawn and hop into the map

Down by the teleporter in the B-Site

I will be adding more detail over the next few days then I need to create the PaP room and fix the terrible bugs the current Mod Tools introduces such as the broken weapon sounds.
1414 days ago

Added a busted up garage door that you can look under to see the next room.

Broke down some of the railing and added a small bridge to make the area feel a little bit less claustrophobic.

A better view of the B site with proper lighting.

Entrance to the control room where the power will be located. As you can see there is a workbench that will be used for a buildable power switch.
1426 days ago
This is looking really nice, dude! Nuke is one of my favorites in CS and it looks like this is going in a unique direction. That glow effect+steam above the vat is dope. How did you achieve that? If I have a light source underneath a grate the light doesn't shine through.

Each texture has a texture type, try different texture types to see if the problem continues.
1427 days ago
I've been working on the map on and off because the B-Site is turning into a lot of work. I have to scale the room to fit everything else properly which is taking a good amount of time and can be pretty frustrating.

Here's what I have so far:

It's unfinished currently and I haven't gone too far into decor yet.
1431 days ago

1434 days ago
Nuke will be a zombie filled version of de_nuke from Counterstrike. The player will be able to travel all throughout the indoors areas of the map while endless waves of the undead invade from the outer parts of the map. With my last map, Ward, I had a problem where once you pack-a-punched your weapons and had perks the map was essentially over. With Nuke, I plan on adding more to do.

Along with making Ward came a lot of good practice and I now know a lot more about map development and have been able to work faster while also keeping the map optimized and better looking.

Entrance to Lobby





A-Site (Vents)

Looking up from the A-Site

1435 days ago

Included Perks:

Included Custom Weapons:
M1911 (Starting Pistol)

Thank you to the UGX and MODME communities for providing great help and resources.

Download Here:

If you are a content creator and would like to make a playthrough or showcase of the map send me a link when it's uploaded and I will consider adding it to this workshop page.
1441 days ago
Not sure why you need tanims, I was able to port the M1911 from BO2 using xanims.
1442 days ago
Add reflection probes
1447 days ago
Each texture has a texture type in red under the texture name. Try applying a texture with 'lit' under it and see if it still happens.
1448 days ago
Haven't posted a update recently so here are some in-game shots to show where I am:



Rec Room

Admin Block



What's left:
- 'Security' room which is basically just the power room
- Upstairs Asylum
- Library

I also need to do some animation fixes for the 1911 but that shouldn't take too long.
1449 days ago
Navmesh will also have trouble navigating through grids such as a row of tables.
1449 days ago
Check your .gsc file

If you believe it's setup correctly post a screenshot of it here.
1452 days ago


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