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Obv every tiny map needs super fast zombies that were designed for large maps...

i meannnnn..... verruckt is tiny and has super fast sprinters
1071 days ago
if you posted this years back, no one would of hated you for it lol
1245 days ago
(Image removed from quote.)

(Image removed from quote.)

I beat the map before DarkPotato did, which means i am absolutely 100% better than him at life. There is no argument towards the truth. Get fcked plz 10/10 ign k thx bye uh uh uh uh.

He's still better than you. French power  :lol:
1256 days ago
1330 days ago

I think I can retire from this map now haha. And no, I'm not gonna do no power  :gusta:
1343 days ago
"challenge like no other" lul people have always been doing no jug/qr for world records. they just never choose to buy jug or quick revive
1345 days ago
Don't know how so many people have the time to do more :/
(Image removed from quote.)

how long did it take?
1397 days ago
Honestly, the actual BO3 one was kinda dumb. Cuz the spider things de-spawn in like 5 seconds. And you get hit way too often to make up for all the 'lost' nades. You can only get nades back from stunned zombies, that have a 'chance' to drop the spider drop. And it makes it hard to regain them, when you're always gonna get hit no matter what, trying to train the zombies. And it's just the 'one' zombie that hit you, that's stunned. Meanwhile entire horde is behind you, you ain't got time to worry about that 'one' zombie, wasted nade. Now replay that One zombie thing, 4 times. Now you outta nades...

FYI: Just cuz I call BO3's Widow's Wine dumb, does not mean I'm calling your map dumb... :/

Double Post Merge: May 25, 2017, 04:41:12 pm
And ya only get 2 nades per round. Or lucky enough to have a Max Ammo right as you need it. With widow's wine nades, you could put them in a corner. That wouldn't be overpowered, cuz one could easily get stuck in said corner by stunned zombies. Kinda forcing you to prioritize when to buy them, and when not to.

Double Post Merge: May 25, 2017, 04:52:30 pm
Sorry for all the post merges, I come up with extra stuff as I go along. -.-

There are ways to regenerate WW nades in BO3, other than 2 nades per round or Max Ammos also... Especially with the help of Gobblegums. In this map, ya kinda just have to work with what you got. And I'm not saying you 'have' to change anything, it was just an idea. ;)

you don't necessarily need widows wine to actually play the map :poker:. Preference is preference.  ;D
1479 days ago
Way too many zombies spawn in the early rounds...

its to make the early rounds go way faster... gets really terrible past round 50 i suppose  :rainbow:
1538 days ago
ohhhh, another grreat map!

Keep it up dude  :)
1556 days ago
Really loving this map.  The weapon ports are top-notch, and I simply love BO3's futurized WWII weapons.  One problem though: I can't seem to figure out where the PaP is.  I saw a video and Pap appeared to be on one of the perk spawns, but I don't have any perk spawns left and I've yet to find the pap around the map.  Am I missing something?  Is there a somewhat obscure perk spawn or room or something?  I really want the full experience here despite my ineptitude.  Again, amazing map, solid gameplay, the "lack of EEs" really doesn't hurt the map in any way.  Thanks in advance for any help you guys can give.

Near the weevil wallbuy there are 2 debris. The Brick wall near the couch is where PaP is. =)
1568 days ago
think you can remove the zombies that stick on to you?

Getting up from a down is kinda hard :)
1581 days ago
glad people are still making waw customs <3
1583 days ago
This map is pretty lit <3
1600 days ago
Hi redspace  :) How are you bro?
We made a new record and the last red circle was to quick revive  :accepted:

You seem to like the map :).

Is it worth high rounds?
1605 days ago


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