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This map is pretty lit <3
1119 days ago
Hi redspace  :) How are you bro?
We made a new record and the last red circle was to quick revive  :accepted:

You seem to like the map :).

Is it worth high rounds?
1124 days ago
the effects it will still have are:
hacking mystery box (only once after buying)
wunderfizz (only once after buying)
easter egg steps that need it
perks (remove it and get refunded)
doors (this uses up a lot of assets, since it makes a trigger at each door trigger, which is one on each side of a buyable door)

i think thats it, cant remember if theres more

Not bad  :D
1128 days ago
haven't had the time to update, but i can tell you guys all these crashing errors in folter are to do with the hacker. i just need to remove un-beneficiary effects (these do have use, like pretty much all hacker effects, but are less used)
i plan on getting rid of:
hacking traps (was just buying traps cheaper while taking longer, not really useful)
hacking barriers (was useful for extra cash, but it creates more ents for each destroyed windows, and possibly wasn't deleting them correctly)
hack-able players (in a map like this you usually get points fast anyway, also the direct cause of another known bug)

We all know that  the hackers main use is to hack max ammos  :troll:
1128 days ago
Reaper just two small questions if you have the time.
One whats the song in the nightclub map.
Two With self medication and dowers delight you still get the ray gun is this meant to happen or are you meant to get your primary like a normal down just wondering. Also was the hacker removed on asylum?

The hacker is in the Kitchen in that room next to Speed Cola

Double Post Merge: January 16, 2017, 05:15:18 pm

Yep :)
1129 days ago
what do you mean? why cant i have higher?

Oh its just that the original Nacht, Veruckt, and Shi no numa have 24 zombies per round. Kinda how Relaxing got to 311 on his Nacht game. Its just weird how most of the map remakes dont feature that. 

I Dont really care though lol, i Like dem challenges, Just dat using traps in folter asyl is a lil harder
1130 days ago
spawn on the jugg side, open all doors except the one next to quick revive, camp in the mule kick room near where that door is (next to the wunderfizz location there), you have a bit of space between you and the spawns, try get as many perks as you can.

pretty much my strategy

oh and, is there a reason how your Nacht or Veruckt remake dont have 24 zombies per round?
1130 days ago
oh great FearxReaper, tell me a good high round strategy for your Veruckt Remake
1130 days ago
I know, its insane.
Must be the record for highest legit round in customs without a round skip feature
Fantastic acheivement man :D
Its nice to see someone put so much effort into my map, must mean I designed it well :) And hats off to Harry too for fixing the G spawn and his scripts generally being stable enough to allow a phenomenal run like this, not many maps can handle it

i really dont think its the highest legit round in waw customs, lol

Ofc, the map was well done. Even i Didnt think id be able to get 215 after downing on 62.
 Waking up my pc after 214 and having it stopped running shocked me a lil,

Anyways, i kept my promise on hitting instas on your map. I'll reattempt it when someone potentially beats it. (and i might know who it is  ;) )

^^^ not thinking bout editing again after that crappy 110 edit.
good map dude 100% well done.
1133 days ago
it was literally updated today, should fix any issues with that map

thx dude <3, ill probably be able to get to round 2 now  ;)
1133 days ago
will Folter Asyl be fixed soon?  ??? Iv been chilling on Round 1 on that map lol

1133 days ago
Finally Did it ;) :
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Insta kill Rounds start at 195, they also affect the Shrieker.
Game Time: ~14hrs
Downs, 62, 186, 201
Pc Crash on 215

Will play again Til someone beats it =)
(most of my game was livestreamed on Twitch, ill make a YT playlist of all the rounds soon)

Full Insta Round:
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Lowkey Actual Round:
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
1135 days ago
sv_cheats 1  :lol:

yeh i need my godmode, map maker should take it off
1138 days ago
This map should remain in the WIP section, it was born prematurely ...

You should enjoy every map you play. lol  :alone:
1140 days ago
can someone explain me how t4m works cause every time i start a map that needs t4m it crashes,8092.0.html
ughh dunno if dat helpss
1151 days ago


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