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Well guys i think enough is enough there is no need for all these comments it should of ended when AoMiKey wanted to end it cause tbh this was all about slagging him off and ofc he has enough guts to call it quits which i see some certin members dont have that ability (not gonna say any names) why cant we all just accept the fact that yeah people make mistakes.Mistakes have been made on both sides of this argument no 1 is innocent in this argument so tbh there is no point trying to put a halo above the ugx team so they look better.

I think you should all stop bitching and just give up on this convo because 1 of the comments i saw cant remember what staff member it was but they were asking for images of trem/delta leading AoMikey to believe they were still gonna use his designs. Tbh thats a simple class of girl to girl bitching like cmon ppl get a hold of yourselves and just put this behind you because to be honest its getting a bit boring seeing the same ppl moan and groan because they want to.I think if the staff members are as good as they portray themselves to be they should lock this conversation as n1 needs to bring it up again.

F.Y.I My account didnt get touched  at all :troll:
1390 days ago
So let me get this straight:
You specifically state you wouldn't use his designs anymore yet continue to edit (and therefore continue to use) them in contradiction to yourself. You then claim it looks nothing like the designs Mikey created yet clearly it's nearly the exact same. You might want to learn about copyright laws. Alteration without the author's permission is prohibited with most licenses (and when under no license usage is strictly forbidden, let alone alteration). You basically just admitted to breaking copyright laws. Now please explain to me how I can't say you too are in the wrong here instead of childishly stating my opinion is invalid because I don't know the full details on something. It's your topic created by a staff member, if you don't want people to share their opinion, lock it. If you don't want people to share their opinion without knowing the full details, then provide the full details. We were given freedom of speech to express our opinions, therefore you can always expect people to voice their thoughts.

Instead of having a bitch fit about how "an 18 year old" is acting "immature" (once again, he too was in the wrong by making threats), how about you look at yourself for a second and question your own behaviour towards the parties involved and any other community members. I'm utterly sick and tired of your behaviour towards those who may not agree with your opinions and views (a great example of your immaturity shining in this aspect is the Oil Rig thread, throwing insults at your own members voicing an opinion). You created a successful community, now please don't screw it up by turning into an ignorant and egocentric prick.

TL;DR Either provide full details or stop whining about people voicing their opinions on something one of your staff members posted.
Totally True! I can understand why MiKeY did what he did its not like UGX is the most friendly team ever *no harm intended*
1391 days ago
Well.......Rekt noscope style 360 spins
1392 days ago
Well its just an idea i had not everyone will like it but thats why i created a poll to see who agrees and disagrees and delta thanx for spending your time to share your opinion and as i said it is more to see who would want to see these kind of changes in the forum
1439 days ago
Well taking that into account then lets change the terms to games that can only be modded
1439 days ago
The issue is that if we start to make the other games as big of a part as modding, there will be much more content on that, and pushing it  aside. We came to UGX for Custom Zombies, and if what we came for is pushed aside to make more room for other games, then why the hell are we even here? It'll just be like any other site for games.

This "safe haven" is all we have. Adding more games into the mix won't let Custom Zombies be the main part, which is the whole reason we came here in the first place.

Exofile i appreciate your feedback and i fully understand your point of view but maybe i didnt make myself clear.The focus on modding wouldnt weaken cause there would be more and more staff members.As you said this is a safe heaven for you guys so lets give others that kind of feeling.

Again guys i appreciate your comments thx for the responses
1439 days ago
I agree with this - I came here to specifically get away from all this content i have no interest in - as lets be fair its thrust in your face by fan boys of those other games whether you want or not. Which i hate lol

Well harry there are ways around that its not something that could retract members from ugx.

Your opinion is noted though thx for your response
1439 days ago
Custom Zombies, believe it or not, is very niche. Turning the forum into an overall gaming forum, welcome to the billions of grains of sand.
Scobalula i do get your point but i do believe that the UGX team could be prepared for such a difficult job

Your response is noted though thx
1439 days ago
I don't see the reason for it though? THere are already so many websites dedicated to gaming all over, so why make one of the few sites that are focused on Zombie Modding into another general website? I mean, there is a section on the forum for other topics besides Custom Zombies, and it's doing good as it is. No need to make it any more of what it currently is, because it's already working out fantastic.

Atleast that's my opinion.  ;)
im not saying to completely push zombies to the side because even i have to admit zombies are awesome im just asking if there is a possibility for the forum to become more than a zombies forum and have multiple focused game themes without spoiling the original theme this forum was built on.Plus i love this forum quite alot so i want to see if it can stride to its full potential and become something more and plus i hate how epvp does not have the functions ugx have and ugx is 1 theme based forum.Just imagine what could happen if it became a multiple themed forum.

Your Reply has been noted though thx for the response
1439 days ago
Hello there ! As you have seen by now my name is UndeadGaming and i am a donor in this forum.Today i would like to discuss the possibility of UGX becoming more than just a zombies community.As a young person of my age my mind is open to a lot of imagination and alot hope.At this current time i play 5 main games(Call Of Duty World At War,Warface ,Dead Realm, Garry's Mod,Metin2 and Call Of Duty Black Ops 1&2).These games might seem limited but thats because i have exams coming up which is not relevant .Anyway i would like to propose a suggestion based on the miracles i have seen preformed by the current UGX Staff. 

As we all know UGX is not the only gaming forum out there.We have ElitePvPers and Zombiemodding etc.(The count is endless).I feel that UGX could duplicate the wide range of games that Epvp(ElitePvPers) has.In my opinion i would like to see UGX cover more games then just the zombie based ones to bring more people together and to increase the popularity of the forum.Here are some advantages and disadvantages in the effect this idea could cause if it was ever to be brought into action.

1.Has the potential to bring more active members to ugx.
2.Members could contribute alot more to the community as not everyone's heart is with mapping.
3.Has the potential to bring more experienced and willing staff applicants to manage some a huge range of gaming.
4.More people would be willing to pay for V.I.P due to the range of games that members could have special access in some of the forums.
5.Gives the current staff the experience of seeing not only zombie based games
6.Gives the opportunity for current mappers and scripters to participate in other games
7.Gives UGX another sense of purpose and publicity

And Alot More...........

1.Higher threat of being hacked
2.Could bring the current forum down for some time if these actions were to take place
3.More strain on the databases
4.If we use the current chat it could overload with members
5.The risk of destroying some group titles in order for most of the titles to become universal
6.A whole redesign on the forum could take ages
7.Not many staff might not know most of the games
8.Requires alot of work
9.More staff are required to this action if it was to take place
10.Having more staff on UGX Ts3 Server(More channels)

Thats it.......

Ok i have to admit i might not be the most liked in this forum but im sure some people out there would love to see a nice and friendly forum where they can post their games and hobbies and im sure some of the current UGX members would like to see a brand new light on UGX after the unfortunate incident with the map Oil Rig going up for beta.Below is a poll Please answer as honest as you can.Dont think about the person who the poll was created by , think about the reason why it was created.
1439 days ago
CoreHD and im using the teamspeak cmon guys its gonna be fun
1443 days ago
does anyone know the soundtrack behind the gameplay trailer of the giant
! No longer available
1463 days ago
This is what im dressing up for Halloween

cant blame me!He is feared and scares the living daylights out of me.
Any Questions  :troll:
1476 days ago
Guys Guys Guys.I do not understand this feedback its not like its the end of the world here i out of all people  :troll: respect this rule in many ways and it stops savages like this happening to a user on this forum for example steviewonder87. As trem said u can express Ur feelings in a mature manor but don't go overboard.overboard. Dont start hating.I am sure that trem has good enough explanation for adding the new rule so what is there to complain about that? All i can see here is trem and the ugx staff are trying to make the forum a less violent and aggressive place.Plus its not gonna affect people in a major way its just telling those who needed to be told to quiet down a bit and respect the staff and members of this board
1477 days ago
Well im an understanding person so i kinda agree and disagree with this new rule being put in place.1st i do think this rule will come in very effectively due to the fact that once its like 12am in where i live the spammers spam the shit out of the forum and it can be annoying.From what i have also heard is that this beef is still going on with steviewonder  :please: . So i do think this rule is needed because no matter how i personally feel about him i dont think he deserves to be non stop harassed.But me saying that as i have myself witnessed, people can have their bad days and good days and i also understand that people can say something they dont mean or later regret.I think instead of a 1 strike  and then banned i think it would be much appreciated if it was 2 strikes and then out  and that staff members warn  users that they are on their last strike.

Thanks for reading
1478 days ago


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