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Every time I play, there is something new for me to learn and figure out. This is mad insane what you have produced. Bravo.

This truly can take the title of one of the best custom maps. Absolutely insane.
1127 days ago
1301 days ago
Dude, this map is absolutely amazing. It's great to see how much effort you put in transforming one of your older maps into a gorgeous "BO3" type male. When I launched the map I was amazed at how well it looked and played. Because of the atmosphereI was engrossed in the map and wanted to play it more and more. It felt like a good mash of Shi No Numa, ShangriLa, and Zetsubou.

Also who cares about buyable endings. I see them, I grab them, I never play the map again. I actually want to keep playing this map.
1389 days ago
Yo, this looks awesome! I love Binding of Isaac, so I can't wait to play it later ^-^
1390 days ago
First Noah, then me. Do you work at Treyarch perhaps? :derp:

1391 days ago
Rip panzerado. You will be missed
1393 days ago
Would be a really great map if zombies didn't one hit down you. really makes this map garbage when its easy then bam whole team goes down to one zombie when you all have jug on. I didn't see anything about one hit downing zombies in the updates so this is either a glitch or the dumbest way to add difficulty to an otherwise not to difficult map. Please fix this is a pretty good map ruined by the most common glitch I've ever seen in a game. Funny how I see this glitch a lot in ugx maps.

This was a glitch in the perk system implemented by many mappers at the time. It was a very common glitch, since been fixed, but this map is fairly old so I doubt it will get updated.
1397 days ago
I love this map!
1411 days ago

However..... #RipDenizens
You will be missed.
1420 days ago
^ :D
1425 days ago
Yeah man. I really enjoyed it this time! Good job!
1428 days ago
I am really digging this update. It feels really polished and the MP40 was really fun to use.

Really good update!
1429 days ago
Had high hopes that the certain thing you said was deleted was a thing  :troll:

Oh well xD Sucks that whatever area had to be deleted ;-;
1438 days ago
Sounds like an amazing idea! So far it looks really cool and I really like the concept/design you have already :D

If it does exceed the limits, maybe it would be a cool project to bring over to BO3 later when everything is stable on there. Would be a cool tribute and you could even travel from map to map using the Shadows of Evil portals! Just an idea tho xD
1438 days ago


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