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Nice i looking forward to the rest of the map nice job bro
204 days ago
it's simple type the map file name like devmap nazi_zombie_factory (der riese) and then you can cheat
455 days ago
Ray gun MKII, Raygun MK3
455 days ago
i tried to play icarus and i have t4m but it said "Unhandled exception caught" how do i fix it
455 days ago
There was a test map on here with hellhounds and panzer rounds but can't find it anymore and i don't know the name anymore do somebody know the name???? :nyan:
681 days ago
waw alcatraz (mob of the dead remake)
761 days ago
nice map only sad that  i can't explore with god mode
767 days ago
how did you get over the perk limit?
775 days ago
is there a boss zombie?

Like the panzer, Brutus, like margwa, helhounds?
776 days ago
does it have bo3 weapons?
779 days ago
with t4m i tried to start encampment map witch require this mod i get every time a directx error don't know what's wrong with my directx because i have the newest one
898 days ago
i get this error: unhandled exection caught (without t4m deleted the map and reinstalled)
898 days ago
nice map only hard to find the code because i just didn't find it before i died
925 days ago
directx fix please
1053 days ago
try to use ScpServer it works with ps3 and ps4 controllers (download link:
and type  in world at war exec default_controller.cfg in the console and tutorial: it works with bluetooth and with charge cable
1072 days ago


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